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submitted by Nancy Ellen Kaye

 Oxford St Methodist Church (now Oxford Street United Church).

In 1892 the original church building was moved to Oxford Street from Beech Street. A new church was built in 1896-97 on the corner of Oxford Street and Quinpool Road while the old building was kept as the church hall. After being badly damaged by the Halifax Explosion the building was rebuilt and enlarged again in 1918 and equipped with a pipe organ from Casavant Freres. On Sunday, February 1st,1920 the beautiful new building burned. During morning service Rev.H.T. Roe noticed smoke and asked the congregation to leave quickly. Some of the furniture was saved by the church members but the church was lost. The hall was badly damaged but services were held there while another church was constructed. The church books were also burned losing birth, marriage, and death records from about 1871-1898.

Oxford Street Methodist Church - 1912

Oxford Street Church - Burning February 1, 1920