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Macisaac Clan

This photo was given to Anne Hetherington and Cecily Matthews by Grahame Macdonald (Qld) who got the photo from two of the grand daughters of John Macisaac b 1824.  John was Roderick Macisaac's b1826c eldest brother. These two sisters lived and believed ran the "Bayview Hotel" in Geelong.

As our Great Great Grand mother Mary Kavanagh b1833c did not die until 1890 the photo had to be close to this time frame. Roderick Macisaac d1909 was the last of our family line to speak Gaelic  This could have been taken at "The Glen" Duncan's McDonald's Berrigan, NSW property if it had been broken up by then with Angus who had "Glen Moidart", Berrigan, NSW.  If you look into the background of the property the trees are dying from either ringbarking or just straight clearing.   The house and fence look as if they have been up for a while.   They moved from Victoria in c1874, which would have made the house in this photo to be 12/15 years old.  There is a water tank on the side of the house.
They are well dressed and all in black.  The women have very nice jewellery and the men fob watches.

The men are also wearing black arm bands.  They tried to balance the photo with the people on the right side having their arms out to the right and the others to the left.  The women have very slimming
bodices in their dresses, or perhaps it is the corset?   They all looked great.............

There are two nice chairs on the front porch and it looks like Mary Kavanagh is sitting on one so it looks like a set of at least four.  I do not think it is "Glen Moidart" as Angus McDonald is not here. I am
amazed how these poor people did so well once they got to Australia.

This was taken either just before or just after a funeral.  It had to be after 1874 and nearer to 1890 so they are most likely up in NSW and the women ie Kate looks about 25 years old.  They could have
travelled back to Geelong/Little River for a funeral but with time and communications that seems unlikely.

Back L to R:
Margaret McDonald, b 1870 (Married William Miller?)

Duncan McDonald  (Roderick + Mary's son)
  b 1861 Sutherland Creek Vic, D Berrigan, NSW, 2 Mar 1923,

Catherine "Kate" McDonald (Roderick + Mary's daughter)
  b 1860, d 1926 (Married Frederick A. Miller)

Theresa (Duncan's wife)McManus (McDonald) b 1870,

Mary M. McDonald (Roderick + Mary's daughter)
   b  1868 VIC, D 1908 Berrigan, NSW

Front L to R:
Julia Anne McDonald (Hetherington), (Roderick + Mary's daughter)
    b12 jul 1863, d Dec 1, 1946,

Mary Kavanagh, (McDonald)
    b 1835 Leighlinbridge, Co Carlow Ireland, d Berrigan, NSW, 1889

Roderick Macisaac (McDonald)
    b 1826 Caolasmore, Moidart, Scotland, d. Berrigan, NSW, 8 August 1908

John Patrick McDonald (Roderick + Mary's son)
  b Nov 1, 1865, d 1897 Berrigan, NSW


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