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Peter J. McDonald/Macisaac

Just after the Operation at UCSF 2pm June 12, 2000

This is the Gamma knife room, just 5 minutes after the Operation.  See  where they went in!  Right through those white spots!!  Just kidding, that  is where the brace was attached to my skull via very sharp screws dug into  the skull.. Yeah they really screwed me down this time, there were another  two in the back also.  It was painless but the Horse sized needle to  deliver the pain killer was a little daunting to look at. Here is the Elaine Park, our Neuro Nurse, a fantastic person who was with us all day 6.30 till 4pm.  She moved from floor to floor and supervised all  of the procedure. The small guy beside me is Dr. Larson, he performed the Gamma Knife  Operation, he looks as charming and friendly as the photo.  They reset the  head brace co-ordinates 7 times to the computer generated list of  positions.   So out of the 2 hours in there it was about 3 minutes of  actual Gamma rays.  The little lesion they found was on the left side, was  near to where they control the motor nerves for the right side speech.
So far all is well, Kari enjoys the silence. I would have loved to a photo all of the staff as they were friendly,  helpful, positive and attentive, Kari and myself were so relaxed about the  whole thing.
As you can see they have left some of my humour, and all of my fight..  I am really ready for the next round, KO in the second for the cancer.  I  have had so much support from you and my family, and the Doctors and staff  at UCSF, bring it on................
Peter + Kari