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This site is dedicated to Peter J. McDonald's memory
as it was a very important project for him to have placed online
for all to search their roots from Scotland to Australia.

Highland and Island Emigration Society, HIES

The HIES Ship List information was generously supplied by
William "Bill" Clarke.

Anyone wishing to obtain more information re the "Hercules"

MacQUEEN        NORMAN         52     ILLERAY        LORD MacDONALD
    341                   RACHEL            50                  NORTH UIST
                             MARY                26
                             EFFY                  24
                             DONALD           19
                             ALEXANDER    17
                             DUNCAN          15
                             EWEN                  9

MacQUEEN         RORY            21   Son of Norman
                              CHRISTY       21   Wife of Rory, Nee McLeod

Very good family    P/N  £34-11-0   Rory & Christy arrived in S.A. on "Neptune". Rest of family.   on  "Hercules", Effy with son, born 24th July 1853.

MacDONALD       DONALD          39   HOUGHARRY       LORD MacDONALD
     342                     CHRISTY          35                 NORTH UIST
                                RORY                  6
                               ALEXANDER      3
                               NORMAN            1

Eligible man. Appointed constable   P/N  £6-17-0  Family arrived in S.A. on "Hercules".

    343                      ANN                    41    KIRKIBOST      NORTH UIST
                                CATHERINE       16
                                DONALD            19
                               ARCHIBALD       14
                               ALLAN                12
                               MARION             10
                               KATE                     7
                               MALCOLM           4   Died 18-4-1857 North Uist
                               RORY                    1   Died Bombay 1878
                               BARBARA           18   (Isle) BORERAY

McDOUGALL       CHRISTY           19   HOUGHARRY  Neice of Archibald.

Strong able bodied man. Appointed constable    P/N  £32-13-2
Barbara MacDonald & Christy MacDougall arrived in S.A. on     "Hercules", Barbara listed as McDougall. Father    Archibald  died 11th of March 1853.
A book entitled "The Keil Family, and related Scottish Pionners" by Sir Ronald East, gives a history of this family. It states that the family returned home, after the father died in Cork, and that Donald came to South Australia on the "Utopia", arriving 8th Feb. 1864. He settled at Leighton, in 1871 he married Catherine McNeil and had two sons and one daughter.

MacDONALD        HECTOR         27   CLADDICH       LORD MacDONALD
    344                       MARY             22   KIRKIBOST      NORTH UIST
                                CHRISTY         20   Sister of Hector

P/N    £6-8-9  Arrived in S.A. on "Neptune".

    345                      ANN                     20                  NORTH UIST

Eligible young couple. Ann nee McBain, niece of Donald 334.
P/N  £3-14-3       Arrived in S.A. on "Hercules".

     346                    CATHERINE       28                  NORT UIST
                               NEIL                      4

Died, Ê1-2-1853 at the hospital Haulbowline, Archibald   MacDonald aged 32, a native of North Uist. His widow Catherine MacDonald (Mess 33) and his brother Donald MacDonald (Mess 28) on board. His nearest relations in Uist are Alexander MacDonald, Hougharry Lochmaddy, his brother, and Marion McVicar or MacDonald his mother in the same place. Catherine & Neil arrived in S.A. on "Hercules".  P/N   £8-13-2

    347                      ANN                     28
                                PEGGY                 26   Arrived in S.A. on Neptune
                                FLORA                 24   Arrived in S.A. on Neptune
                               CATHERINE         22
                               DONALD              18   Arrived in S.A. on Neptune
                               RONALD              14
                               CHRISTY              10

MacDONALD        JOHN            30
                                 MARY           20   (Wife)

An excellent family. All of the daughters have been in  service and can dairy. Rest of family arrived in S.A. on        "Hercules".       P/N   £20-8-6

MacINNES         EWEN            40      CARINISH       LORD MacDONALD
     348                  MARY            30                  NORTH UIST
                            ANN                  5     Died 21-2-1853
                            HARRIET          2
                            FLORA           INF   Died at sea Neptune

Died in hospital Haulbowline Ann MacInnes aged 6 years from North Uist. Her father Ewen MacInnes, wife and 2 children, Mess 30, on board. The majority of his friends emigrated to Australia some time ago. Her grandmother is still in Uist, widow Catherine MacInnes, Carinish, Lochmaddy. Family arrived in S.A. on  "Neptune" with another daughter born at sea.  P/N  £7-9-6   Ewen brother of Alexander No 340.

MacKEEGAN        WILLIAM          56   LOCHMADDY      LORD MacDONALD
    349                       MARION          42                   NORTH UIST
                                 MARGARET     19 
                                 RONALD          14
                                 CATHERINE     10
                                 CHRISTY            8
                                 RACHEL             1    Died 9th Feb 1853
                                 MARY              44
                                ANN                  16
                                RACHEL           34

Died 23 Feb 1853, William McKeegan, 60, from North Uist. Marion McKeegan his widow and 4 children on board.Mr. Angus MacDonald, Lochmaddy, cousin and Donald MacDonald Boreray, Lochmaddy, cousin are the nearest relatives of the deceased in Uist.  Died 9 Feb 1853 Rachel McKeegan 1 year old.  Marion nee MacDonald
Marion & Ronald arrived in S.A. on "Olivia"; Margarte, Catherine,Christy & Mary on "Neptune".    P/N   £2-12-3   Margaret married Angus MacAskill no 310 in 1854

MacVICAR         NEIL              30   BALELONE       LORD MacDONALD
     350                  MARY            22    nee McLeod            NORTH UIST
                             KENNETH       1

McLEOD           MARION          21     Orphans, their father
                           CATHERINE     18     was drowned last year.
                           ISABELLA        12     Brothers and sisters of
                           ANN                  12     Mary.
                           JOHN                10
                           MARGARET      26

Eligible family     P/N  £19-8-10
Family with exception of Marion arrived in S.A. on   "Hercules"   Marion on "Neptune".

    351                 MARIAN             39        KILMUIR        ISLE OF SKYE
                           JAMES                13
                           MATILDA             7
                           DONALD              5
                          ANGUS                  2

Poor family.  P/N  £10-13-0   Family arrived in Vic. on "Australia"

MATHESON         DONALD          35   BALGOWN        LORD MacDONALD
     352                     SARAH              32        KILMUIR        ISLE OF SKYE
                                MARION           10
                                MARGARET       7
                                MARY                 4          NO AID
                                RACHEL             1

Family arrived in Vic. on "Charles"

   353                  CATHERINE       44         KILMUIR
                           LACHLAN          18
                           CHRISTIANA     16
                          ALEXANDER      14
                          MALCOLM         10
                          ANN                      8
                          ISABELLA            6

Selected by Skye Committee to supply defaults in North Uist.  Good family. 
P/N  £23-8-7  Family with exception of Alexander arrived in S.A. on  "Neptune". Alexander on "Olivia". Catherine nee McDonald. 
Lachlan married Christiana Bethune No 238

MacDONALD        NORMAN          65   STEIN          SKEABOST
    354                      ANN                    43
                                THOMAS            20
                                ANN                    17
                               ANGUS                15
                               JOHN                   13
                               JAMES                 10

KIRKWOOD         WILLIAM         15       STEIN          SKEABOST
William Kirkwood a stepson.  P/N  £27-16-2

This family was repeatedly rejected by Mr. Chant. Norman too old and infirm to be useful. Prepared by Skye committee to supply default in North Uist. MacDonald family arrived in S.A. on "David Malcolm". Kirkwood arrived Vic on "Poictiers". Norman died 1864, Ann 1877.

     355                     JANET           28
                                JOHN               2     Died 24th July at sea.

Eligible young couple. Duncan, Janet & infant Robert arrived   on "Bankers Daughter" in Vic.       P/N  £1-5-0

MacLEOD          LACHLAN         25   UIG            LORD MacDONALD
    356                   REBECCA         23
                            ARABELLA         2
                            CATHERINE        1

Appointed constable.   P/N  £9-15-2 Family  arrived in Vic on "Bankers  Daughter"

KELLY            ANGUS            45   PORTREE LORD MacDONALD
   357                FLORA            45
                         MARION         22
                         ANN                20
                        ALEXANDER  19
                        JOHN               14
                        MARY             12

Very poor family. Man reported to be a good labourer. Family   arrived in Vic. on "Bankers Daughter.With exception of Ann  who arrived on "Hercules" in South Aust."
P/N   £27-3-1

    358                     MARY                  34
                               EWEN                  15
                               JOHN                   14
                               ALEXANDER        6
                              ANGUS                   3   Died 31-7-1853

Miserably poor and destitute family. Family arrived in Vic   on "Hercules".  P/N  £19-7-7

     359                     BETSY         34   Nee McLeod
                                JOHN          14   Died 7th March 1853
                                NEIL            11   Died 16th Feb. 1853
                               ANGUS          3
                               DUNCAN      1   Died 25th July 1853

P/N   £10-18-5
Died in hospital Haulbowline, Neil Nicholson aged 11 years from Kilmuir Skye. His father Neil Nicholson, mess 7, on board. The boys uncle Alexander Nicholson, Slate, (Should be Sleat) Skye and his aunt Mrs. John MacPherson in the same place.     Died 25 July 1853 Duncan Nicholson, Kilmuir, Skye 1 year old His father Neil Nicholson, wife and child on board. Alexander Ncholson, Drumfearn, Sleat, uncle, and Mrs John MacInnes aunt same place, are amongst the nearest relatives in Skye.    Family selected by Skye Committee to supply defaults in North Uist.           Family arrived in Vic.on "Hercules"

GRANT            JOHN                  49   BREAKISH       LORD MACDONALD
   360                 MARY                 42
                          ALEXANDER     17
                          MARGARET       15
                          DONALD            14
                          NEIL                    11
                          MALCOLM           9
                        CHARLES              7
                         ALEXANDER        4

This family was rejected for falsifying the ages of the children.   Selected by the Skye Committee to supply defaults in North Uist. Family arrived in Vic.on "Hercules" 
P/N   £28-1-6

MacPHERSON       MALCOLM        49   ASHAIG         LORD MacDONALD
      361                     CATHERINE       49
                                 JOHN                  28     Arrived Vic on Hercules
                                ALLAN                18     Arrived Vic on Hercules
                                MARIAN             16
                               CATHERINE        16    Died 18th April 1853
                               MARY                  14    Arrived Vic on Hercules
                               DONALD             12
                              ARCHIBALD          4
                              CHRISTY                9
                              DONALD                6

MacSWEEN         ANNE            18     Arrived S.A. on "Olivia"

JOHNSTON         DAVID          25     Son in law of Malcolm
                              ANNE            24     Arrived Vic. on Hercules

David Johnston died on 1st April 1853.     Very destitute family, but a good one for Australia. P/N   £40-12-0   Malcolm, Catherine, Donald, Archibald, Christy, & Donald 6  arrived in S.A. on "Epaminondas" and Marian on the "David  Malcolm".

FINLAYSON        JOHN                 48   BERNISDALE     SKEABOST
     362                   MARGARET       45
                              ANN                   24   Died 21st July 1853
                              EFFY                  22
                              ELLEN               13
                              MALCOLM         9
                              NORMAN           5
                             DUNCAN           18
                            CHARLES            16
                             JOHN                  14

Good family.        P/N  £26-6-0
Family arrived Vic. on "Hercules", with exception of Ann who  died on "Neptune".

   363                   JANET             57               HARRIS
                           PEGGY             26   Arrived Vic on Australia
                           ANN                 24
                           JOHN                21
                          ALEXANDER   19   Arrived Vic on Australia
                          WILLIAM         13

MacRAE           DAVID             32    Son of William
                           CHRISTY         28

MacRAE           THOMAS          28    Son of William
                           JANET              24   (Appointed hospital assistant)

It would be difficult to find a better family for the  service of Australia.  No aid.
Daughter Marion, married  William Morrison, remained on Harris.
Family with exception of Alexander & Peggy arrived Vic  on "Hercules"

MacAULAY         DONALD          28   OBE            LORD DUNMORE
    364                    ANN                   22                  HARRIS
                              CHILD BORN ON BOARD  (1ST JULY) DAUGHTER

Donald died 12 May 1853.    Eligible couple, Husband  appointed constable. 
P/N   £2-4-0    Ann arrived Vic on "Hercules", with child born on board.

     365                   JAMES                 22    HARRIS
                              FLORA                16

Name used on Harris Maccusbic. Catherine died 31st March 1853     Good family.
Arrived Vic on "Hercules"       P/N £7-14-4

MacDONALD        CHRISTINA       42        BERNERAY       LORD DUNMORE
    366                       JOHN                  10            HARRIS

Sister of Catherine Patterson No 365.    P/N   £5-8-2   Maiden name McCusbic        Arrived Vic. on "Hercules"

MacDONALD        JOHN               44   MEAVAIG        LORD DUNMORE
     367                     MARY               39                  HARRIS
                               CATHERINE      16
                                ISABELLA         14
                                CATHERINE     12
                                EFFY                 10
                                ANGUS               7

Good family.      P/N  £10-0-7   Arrived Vic. on "Hercules"

MacKAY           MURDOCH        56   BALELONE       LORD MacDONALD
    368                MARGARET        24                 NORTH UIST
                          CATHERINE       22
                          JOHN                  16
                          MARY                 14
                          MURDOCH         10

A very eligible family. Margaret was in service of Mr. Sherriff Shaw 5 years.  Catherine with McLeod 7 years. Catherine married Alexander MacKay Family No 57.
P/N    £18-16-2  Family arrived Vic. on "Hercules"

    369                   ANNE                  45
                             MARION             28
                             ANGUS               26
                            ANN                     24
                            FLORA                 20
                            CATHERIN?          1    Arrived Vic. on Bankers aughter
                            DONALD             18    Arrived Vic. on Bankers Daughter
                            MARGARET        13

BETHUNE          KENNETH         22   Son of Archibald
                             ANNE                25

First rate family, all capable of labour. The girls good house servants. The men always accustomed to herd sheep and cattle. Family arrived Vic. on "Hercules"   P/N   £27-6-8

GILLIES          MALCOLM     45         Tote  Lord MacDonald
    370                MARY              44       nee McLeod
                          ANGUS            20
                          ALLAN            18
                          ARCHIBALD   15
                          GEORGE            9   Died 10th April 1853
                          CATHERINE      3
                          MARGARET       1

Eligible family.    P/N   £23-14-11       Mary nee MacLeod
Family with exception of Angus & Catherine arrived Vic. on "Poictiers "

MacDONALD        NEIL                 41   BERNISDALE     SKEABOST
     371                      MARION         47
                                 DONALD        16
                                MURDOCH     14
                                MARY              12

Good family.             P/N    £13-8-0     Family arrived Vic. on "Charles"

McSWAN           DONALD          30   BERNISDALE     SKEABOST

NO AID  Arrived Vic. on "Hercules"

    372                     MARY                   28

NO AID        Alexander arrived Vic on "Hercules"

MacKINNON        ANN                64       BORERAIG       LORD MacDONALD
    373                      HECTOR          35     Died 25th March 1853
                               MALCOLM      32
                              CHRISTY           30
                              JOHN                 26   Died 2nd March 1853
                              PETER                23
                              WILLIAM         18

MacCRIMMON       JOHN                 30   Son-in-law of Ann McKinnon
                                   MARGARET       28
                                   CATHERINE         1   Died

Eligible Couple   Ann a widow.  Very good family.    P/N  £29-4-0
MacKinnon's & McCrimmon's arrived in Moreton Bay on the Caroline"
13th November 1853

McINNES          HUGH           24   BERNISDALE     SKEABOST

NO AID   Arrived Vic on "Hercules"

McPHEE         JOHN            26   BERNISDALE     SKEABOST

NO AID    Arrived Vic. on "Hercules"

MacLEOD          PETER          50        GLASPHEIN      MacLEOD of MacLEOD
    376                  ANN             46
                            EFFY            22
                            JOHN           18
                            ANGUS         9

McSWAN           CATHERINE       25   Step daughter.

Strong healthy couple, eligible couple     P/N  £19-15-11
McLeod family  arrived Vic. on "Hercules"  Catherinr left  "Hercules" in Adelaide to marry Murdoch MacDonald HIES No 338

MacDONALD     JOHN               35   EDINBANE       SKEABOST
     377                   CHRISTY         30
                             ANGUS               7
                             BARBARA          5
                            MURDOCH          3

John appointed constable. A very fine man and a good  labourer
Arrived Vic on "Hercules"   P/N  £10-4-6  Family went to Mudgee N.S.W.

BETHUNE          JOHN                 25   FLASHADER      MR.MacDONALD
    378                  CATHERINE       27                  of LYNDALE
                             FARQUHAR       21
                             MARY                16
                             JOHN                 14
                             CHRISTY           30

MacLEAN          FLORA              6

A very good family     P/N  £19-17-8 Father's name Angus. Arrived Vic. on "Hercules"

MacINNES         MALCOLM         42   BORERAIG       LORD MacDONALD
    379                   CATHERINE       38   Nee MacInnes
                             ISABELLA          17
                             JOHN                  14
                            MARY                  12
                            CATHERINE       10
                            NEIL                      8
                            CHRISTY              5
                            MARION              1   Died on "Australia"
                            KATE                  19
                            JOHN                  15

Eligible family.  P/N   £24-11-0
Family with exception of  Kate arrived Vic on "Australia"  Kate on "Bankers Daughter"

     380                  MARGARET        48
                             JOHN                   24
                             CATHERINE       22
                             WILLIAM            20
                             MALCOLM         18
                            CATHERINE        15

Good family for Australia. Appearance respectable. 
Margaret died 18 June 1853 at Simons Bay, South Africa and buried at Simonstown 
P/N  £19-10-6   Family arrived Vic. on "Hercules"