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In Search of Family & Friends
Have you lost touch with that Special Friend that you went to school with?
Maybe you have lost touch with a Family Member?
Leave your details here for one never knows who may know of them or they may even read it themselves.

My name is Donna Jones and I am looking for my father's family.
My father's name is Anthony Tolcher and I know he has a brother named Ashley Tolcher.
If any one can help me please email me on

Graham or Shane Lockett
These two are my cousins and I would like to get in touch with them, if anyone knows them please pass this on.
My name is Ethel Goodfellow nee Smith.
Email me at
I am Looking for a Friend I haven't seen for 15yrs and would dearly love to make contact with her again. We both will be celebrating our 50th birthday next year, so I am hoping we will meet up before then. Julie Elizabeth Jackson was her maiden name, she was born in Melbourne on 5 or 7 April 1952. Lived in Jacana (near Broadmeadows Victoria) and then married Robert James in around 1972 in Melbourne. They lived at Diamond Creek, Victoria and had 3 girls. I can't remember all their names except the first born Lisa born around 1973 at Diamond Valley Hospital and so were her two other daughters not sure of birth dates for them. At our last contact she was seperated from her husband, so she could possibly be remarried. Her fathers name is Errol Jackson I think he moved to Qld. (her mum and dad divorced) and her mother Betty Jackson remarried and her name was Taylor they moved to Qld. I think. Her brothers name is Errol Jackson also and I am not sure where he lived but he DID live in Gladstone Park Victoria. I have tried the phone book for him but no success. I have been trying to find her since and will keep trying electoral rolls and phone books again now there is a new one out. I can't remember her brothers wifes maiden name because her mother lives (or did live) in Broadmeadows but can't remember it. Hoping someone out there can help :-)
Please Contact: Gaye Martin

I have been searching for a couple of years a half brother to my father. My grandfather had him when he and my grandmother was separated, the years would of been from about 1924-1932 around Brisbane QLD. My grandfathers name was William Waghorne, but was always known as Jack or John,and he lived in Toowoomba QLD. I do not know this persons name.
Please Contact: Leona

Hi. I am not sure if you will be able to help me, but I am going to ask you anyway. I have a friend who's family was one of the early settlers in Queensland. There was a book written primarily for the family. My understanding is there are roughly 200 copies that were published. My question to you is, would you have any information on this family, and if not, could you direct me to somewhere that might. The surname is WHITE I think one of the original settlers was William Dickett (not sure if that is spelled correctly) White. If you could give me any information that would be fantastic. I am trying to get my hands on a copy of this book for a friends birthday.
Thank you for your help!!

I am trying to locate my brother Peter KELLY who moved to Victoria Melbourne in 1970, from Salford Manchester, England. He last wrote to his mum in 1975. He was born on 27/02/1952. His mothers name is Claira Kelly, he has 3 brothers Phil, Paul and Gary and me 1 sister Pauline. We have been worried for 26 years not knowing were he is or if he is ok. We have tryed almost every avenue possible to contact him. His last known address was 63 Cardigan Street, Carlton South, Victoria. Please if anyone knows of this man please e-mail me on
My name is Kim Cornwall also known as Frances. I am looking for a good friend that I haven't seen in nearly 18 years. His name is Stephen ROSE. I know that he used to live in either Westmead or Northmead and has a sister called Gina and a brother called David. Last time I seen him I had my daughter named Ellen and I lived in Maroubra with my parents. I have been trying for years to get a hold of him so please if anyone out there knows him can they please put him in touch with me.

Looking for descendants of Ellen Rose Perry came to Australia with her husband between the wars husband name Bert (Albert?) Perry her maiden name was Chitty last known address in Warragul Victoria. She is the sister of my late grandfather Harold. Email me at

I would like to find Carmel Smith nee Phoebe,we went to Terang High School and were in 1z in 1963. She married Ross Smith who also went to Terang High School. They had 2 children that I know of, we both had sons called Ian. The last address I had was Yarram, Ross worked in a bank. I'd love to know where they are now.
Nancy Knowles nee Whiteside