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Bouncing Emails
Have you submitted information to this site and changed your email recently? Or have you tried to email someone that has submitted information and their email bounces? Unfortunately, the only way I can assist with this problem is to make this page and add any emails that get sent to me here.
Leave your details here for one never knows who may know of them or they may even read it themselves.


Date : Sun, 1 Jul 2001
Dear Julie,
I have tried twice to make contact with a link to my Bates family, on your Surname List. The email keeps coming up as a error unable to send.
The address is:-
I am a little anxious, because this the first time I have had contact with this part of my family. Looking forward to hearing from you. Dorothy Murray.
If anyone knows of this email please contact Dorothy at

Date : Fri, 27 Jul 2001
Hi, I endeavoured to reply to but have been unable to contact that email address. I am closely related to that family and an very interested in making contact with the writer of the message concerning this family.
If anyone knows of this email please contact Margaret GALLPEN Northern Rivers NSW