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Julie Clift nee: Renton
Creator of this Site
Site was active 2000 - 2001
Reactivated January 2006

I would just like to firstly say that I had this site up and running back in 2000 - 2001 and due to family problems my Genealogy was put on hold. I do apologise since I did lose both my email addresses and due to lack of activity. I have made a new hotmail address exclusively for this site which is above under my name. I wish to also apologise to all of those that helped through this site with taking on certain places. This section will unfortunately be taken off due to not knowing if there emails are still valid and if they still wish to continue that task, but the ones that are still linked to there sites will remain. The main object for this site is to collaborate our ancestor's into the places that they travelled and the years they were in one particular place. Where they were born, married and died in there journey through life in Australia. I think that this Site will be a big benefit to all those Retracing the footsteps of our Ancestors throughout Australia. We already have sites where people can leave their ancestor's surnames that they are tracing, but I have yet to come across a site where we can put our ancestor's in the places they were. The advantage I have found in doing this, is marrying cousins back then was quite common. This is how I found a lot of my family and I can tell you now they certainly kept it in the family *laugh*. Also, another advantage is if you have a idea on what area your ancestor's lived, then you can search in the other places surrounding. You never know, the way they followed the goldrush you might just strike gold yourself in the form of another family member. I have added a Search Engine on site so it will make it easier to find everyone of the surname you are looking for.
Although, it is also good to check the particular area they were in for the reasons I listed above.
If you come across any broken links or anything you think I should know then please contact me.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.
Good Luck in your searching ! And Enjoy :-)