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Sakura Taisen 2
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This is our Sakura Taisen CD page. It started as a way for us to try and keep things organized in our own minds, but maybe it will help others.

All the scans in the 'CDs we Own' section, are ours, so please don't use them on other webpages. The others were found mostly on EBay or Avex Mode. Other credits include:

Kunisada Chusingura cover - Kalin
Aoi Tori cover - Kalin
Tsubasa Wings - Kalin
TV Single - Center Spot - Kalin OAV2 single Furui Piano/Kagayaki - Kalin

If we've mis-idendified or missed any scan ownership, let us know.

CDs we own

CDs we have ordered

CDs we really want

CDs we may eventually want