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Famous Nova Scotians

Over the years there have been many famous people from the province of Nova Scotia. They have been from all different walks of life. Some are musicans, there are also hockey players, boxers, brew masters, scientists, and many others. To qualify for my list the person had to have been born in the province, lived in the province or accomplished most of their accomplishments in the province.

  1. Alline, Henry - Falmouth - Evangelist whose groundwork in the 1700's led to the beginning of the Baptist religion.
  2. Andrew, Trevor - Falmouth - He finished thrid on the World Cup Snowboard tour in the 1996-97 season. He had 2980 points in the halfpipe competition. He placed in 29th place at his first Olumpics in 1998, in Nagano, Japan.
  3. Avery, Oswald Theodore - Halifax - He was the first scientist to explain the purpose of DNA. He moved to New York City with his family at the age of 10. His discovery was at first controversial when he published it in 1944. He worked at New York's Rockefeller Institude.
  4. Baker, Caroll - unknown - Famous country signer. Has won both female and country female vocalist of the year honours. RCA once called her "Miss Dynamic".
  5. Bastow, Stuart - Halifax - He is better known as Johnny Favourite, from the JF Swing Orchestra. Is orginally from Ottawa.
  6. Bell, Alexander Graham - Baddeck - He wasn't actually from Nova Scotia, but he spent many summers in Baddeck where there is now a museum in his honour. He is most famous for his invention of the telephone. He also invented many other things.
  7. Berbick, Trevor - Halifax - In 1981 in the Bahamas he got the distiction of being the last man to fight Ali. He won the bout in the full 15 rounds. He was heightweight champion for a short time. In 1999, while in his 40's he won the Canadian heighyweight championship.
  8. Blakeney, Allan - Bridgewater - Former Premier of Sask
  9. Borden, Sir Robert - Grand Pre - Was the 8th Prime Minister in Canadian history. He served from 1911-17 as a Conservative and from 1917-20 as a Unionist. Led the country through the First World War. He also bought in conscription and income tax, both coming in 1917.
  10. Bowness, Rick - Halifax - He played in the NHL for the Atlanta Flames, Detroit Red Wings, St. Louis Blues and the Winnipeg Jets. Coached at the NHL level with the Winnipeg Jets, Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators and the New York Islanders.
  11. Brophy, John - Antigonish - Was a lenged in the old Eastern Hockey League where he played for 21 seasons. Was one of the toughest to ever lace'em up. Gained greater acclam when he coached the Toronto Maple Leafs for three seasons in the 1980's. Has coached the Hampton Roads Admirals of the East Coast League for all of the 1990's.
  12. Cameron, Fred - unknown - Was the first Nova Scotian to win the Boston Marathan. He won in 1910 with a time of 2:28:52.
  13. Cameron, John Allen - Cape Breton - Musican who releashed albums as "Lord of the Dance" and "Weddings". Has won mumberous ECMAs.
  14. Carter, Wilf - unknowm - Famous country singer.
  15. Clattenburg, Mike - Halifax - Director of Showcase TV's smash hit, Trailer Park Boys which is filmed in the Halifax area.
  16. Colville, Alex - Wolfville - Famous modern artist painter.
  17. Conners, Janet - Halifax - Got infected with AIDS through a blood transfussion. Helped get other Nova Scotia victims of blood transfussion compensation.
  18. Creighton, Helen - Dartmoth - Folkartist song in English, Grench, German, Gaelic and Micmac.
  19. Creighton, James - Halifax - He moved to Montreal in 1873, where he introduced the game of hockey to that city. In 1875, McGill University organized the game and introduced standardized rules.
  20. Crosby, Sidney - Cole Harbour - Great hockey prospect for the QMJHL's Rimouski Oceanic. During the 2003-04 season he won the league's MVP and rookie of the year.
  21. Cunard, Samuel - Halifax - He founded the world famous Cunard Steamship Line in Halifax in 1840.
  22. Dacey, Mark - Halifax - Originally from Saskatoon, he won the 2004 Brier (national men's curling championship) with Nova Scotia. Finished second at the 2003 Brier in Halifax.
  23. Daye, Buddy - Halifax - Was a championship boxer and he was the first black Sergeant-at-Arms.
  24. Dill, Howard - Windsor - He is a three time winner of the world pumpkin championship, for the world's heaviest pumpkin. Many winners since have used Dill's famous Atlantic giant seeds to grow their championship pumpkins. He is also an active member of the Windsor Hockey Society which promotes the town as the birthplace of hockey.
  25. Dixon, George - Africville - Was World Featherweight champion from 1892-97, and from 1898-1900. He was also World Bantamweight champion from 1890-91. He was also the first black to win a world championship and the first boxer to win world championships in two different weight classes.
  26. Douglas, Jeff - Truro - Star of the wildly popular Molson Canadian, "I'm Canadian" ads on television. That's the one where the guy speaks in front of an audience correctly misconceptions abou Canada.
  27. Dorethy, Denny - Halifax - Was a member of the 70's band, The Mommas and the Pappas. He is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  28. Eaton, Cyrus - Pugwash - Was a financier and philanthropist. He sponsored the first Pugwash Conference for sceintists to discuss the threat of nuclear weapons. The first one was held in his hometown. The conference is still held annually around the world, it received the Nobel Prize in 1995.
  29. Fox, Mickey - Halifax - Born and raised in New York, he came to St. Mary's in the 1970's to play basketball for the Huskies. He became the all tiem leading scorer in CIAU history. Coached the minor pro Halifax Windjammers from 1991-93.
  30. Fuller, Alfred - unknown - He founded the Fuller British Empire.
  31. Fraser, Ken - Auld's Cove - On October, 26, 1976 he caught a bluefin tuna that weighed 1496 pounds. That was, and still is, a world record catch for a bluefin.
  32. Gallivan, Danny - Sydney - He was the voice of the Montreal Canadiens for many years on Hockey Night in Canada. He was known for his use of the English languange "creating" words like cannonating and spinarama.
  33. Garapick, Nancy - Halifax - Is Nova Scotia's greatest female athlete of all time. On April 27, 1975 she set a world record for the 200 metre backstroke in Brantford, Ont. She won two bronze medals at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. She should have won gold because the only women to beat her were the drugged East Europeans.
  34. Gauthier, Paul - Dartmouth - He is one of the 40 most wealthy U.S businessman under 40. He delveloped an Internet search engine with his professor at the U of California. Made over $400 million with his company, Inktomi.
  35. Gesner, Abraham - Kings County - Invented kerosene oil in the 1840's.
  36. Goodwin, Myles - Waverley - Lead Singer April Wine
  37. Gray, Clyde - unknown - World famous boxer.
  38. Haliburton, Thomas Chandler - Windsor - Famous writer during the 1800's. He is most famous for his writing of Sam Slick. It was through his writings that it was discovered that Windsor is the real birthplace of hockey. There is now a museum in his honour in Windsor. His works influenced Mark Twain.
  39. Hall, William - Hantsport - In 1857 he became the first black man, and second Canadian to be awarded the Victoria cross by the British military. He won it for his work during the Indian Mutiny.
  40. Hollet, Flash - North Sydney - Played for the Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins. First defenceman to score 20 goals in one season.
  41. Hope, Lesile - Halifax - Played Teri Bauer during the first season of Fox TV's 24 (2001-02). Her character was killed off at the end of the season.
  42. Howe, Joe - Halifax - Was elected premeir of this province in 1863. He was opposed to Nova Scotia joining Canada in 1867, and as soon as the province did join, he wanted to seperate from Canada. He also established freedom of speech and freedom of the press in the British Empire. Was also a journalist.
  43. Johnson, Kirk - North Preston - Fought at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. Has fought for the world heavyweight championship twice and lost on both occasions.
  44. Jones, Colleen - Halifax - Has won six Canadian Women's curling championships and one world curling championship. Also appears as the weather girl on CBC's morning news program.
  45. Joudrey, R.A. - Hantsport - Entrepreneur who founded the Minas Basin Pulp and Power Company in Hantsport.
  46. Joyce, Ron - Pictou County - Was the head of Tim Horton's from the time of Tim Horton's death in the early seventy's to when he sold the corporation to Dave Thomas in the mid-ninties.
  47. Keith, Alexander - Halifax - He was a brewmaster in the 1800's in Halifax. Created beer that bears his name that is still sold today.
  48. Killam, Isaak - unknown - He was an investment dealer. In 1955 he was the richest man in all of Canada. Known as the "mystery man of Canadian finance".
  49. Kirumira, Abbey - Falmouth - Came to Canada via Uganda, England, Australia and the US. He is famous for inventing the two minute AIDS tester that his company, Octopus Dianostics, sold to Med Mira Inc.
  50. Kohorski, Don - Halifax - One of the most respected referees in the National Hockey League. Has been an NHL offical since 1977, he started out as a linesmen. Is best remembered as being a "fat pig" during the 1988 Wales Conference Finals between Boston and New Jersey.
  51. Kolig, Olag - Halifax - Born in South Africa, and spent time in Toronto as a child. He is now the All-Star goalie of the Washington Capitals. Won the Vezina Trophy was the top goalie in the NHL in the 1999-2000 season. Plays for Germany on the international scene.
  52. Konchalski, Steve - Antigonish - Originally from New York. Has been the basketball coach at St. FX for many years winning the naitonal championship in 1993, 2000 and 2001. Also won the national coach of the year award in 2001.
  53. Lake, Freddie - unknown - Played Major League Baseball in the late 1800's and early 1900's. He plyed for the Boston Braves, Lousvilles's NL team, and the Pittsburgh Pirates. He become the first Canadian born manager of the 1900's whem he managed the Red Sox from 1908-10. He also managed the Braves at the end of the 1910 season.
  54. Langford, Sam - Weymouth Falls - He boxed somewhere between 250 and 642 bouts, but he never won a World championship. In his 21 year career he fought in five different weight classes (light, welter, middle, light-heavy and heavy). Ring magazine has named him the seventh best hezvyweight in history. The Associated Press named him the ninth best heavy weight of the century in December of 1999. He once fought in 22 outs in one week, including three in the same night all at different clubs in the Boston area. In the final year of his career (1923-24) he fought while he was legally blind. He done this by listening to his oppenent around the ring before knocking him out.
  55. Lewis, Maud - unknown - Folk painter, personified the province that we live in.
  56. Lockhart, Edna - Bishopville - She was the only Canadian to play in the US Womems Professional Baseball League. Played for the New York City Bloomer Girls in 1935.
  57. MacEwan, Paul - Cape Breton - Has served as an MLA for four parties. Founded the now defunt Cape Breton Labour Party.
  58. MacInnis, Al - Port Hood - He has had the hardest slapsot in the NHL for most of his career. He is a six-time All-Star, 1999 Norris Trophy winner and a Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe Trophy winner in 1989 when he played for the Calgary Flames. In 2002, he was part of the Olympic men's ice hockey gold medalest in Salt Lake City. He developed his hard shot by shooting a puck at his family's barn, when he was growing up.
  59. MacIssac, Ashley - Cape Breton - Famous fiddler, always getting into trouble when he doesn't stick to music.
  60. MacMaster, Natalie - Cape Breton - She is one of the world's most famous fiddlers. She has won many East Coast and Juno awards.
  61. MacMillian, Ian - Falmouth - He has coached basketball at five different levels. He has coached Windsor Regional at the high school level, Acadia at the University level (won a national championship), the Canadian National Team, was the first coach of the in the history of the Halifax Windjammers on the World League and in 1979-80 he spent a season as an assistant coach with the NBA's Houston Rockets.
  62. MacNeil, Al - Sydney - He is the only Nova Scotian to coach a Stanley Cup champion. In 1971, he coached the Stanley Cup champion Montreal Canadien. Then he became the only Cup winning coach to get fired after his victory. The next season he was in Halifax coahing the Canadiens farm team, the Nova Scotia Vees, where he won the Calder Cup that year.
  63. MacNeil, Connie - Cape Breton - Owns the world record for fastest three goals scored in one hockey game. He performed the feat in a Valley League playoff game in the 1950's when his Acadia Axeman lost to the Kentville Wildcats.
  64. MacNeil, Rita - Big Pond - She has been called "Cape Breton's gift to the world of music". In 1993 the media in Philadelphia made fun of her weight when she sung the O Canada before a game in the World Series between Philly and Toronto.
  65. Malthias, Brother - Lingan - Born as martin Leo outlier in 1872, he himself was not a celebrity. But one of his students at the St. Mary's Industrial School in Baltimore, Maryland was. In 1904, he meet a boy at the school and he taught the boy how to play baseball. That boy's name was Geroge Herman "Babe" Ruth.
  66. Marshall, Donald Jr. - Sydney - In 1971 he was wrongfully comvicted of murder and he spent 11 years in prision for it. In the fall of 1999 he won a court ruling that gave Nova Scotian natives the right to fish year round. That ruling was based on a treaty that was signed in the 1700's.
  67. McCall, Rob - Dartmouth - With partner Tracy Wilson he won the Olympic bronze medal in the pairs competition at the 1988 Calgary Olympics. He also won a record seven straight Canadian championships in the dance event.
  68. McDonough, Alexa - Halifax - Former leader of the national New Democratic Party. Held the post from 1996 to 2003. Was the provincal leader of the party before that. Since becoming the national leader the NDP's populatary has increased in the province.
  69. McKay, Donald - unknown - His MacKay shipyard in Boston once built the world's largest clipper ship. The ship was called "The Great Republic". The "Flying Cloud" broke the world record for sailing between New York and San Francisco.
  70. McLachlan, Sarah - Halifax - Now based in Vancouver, she has won numerous amounts of Grammy, American Music, Juno and East Coast Music Awards.
  71. Membertou, Chief - unknown - Was the most famous Micmac chief in history. Assisted Jacques Cartier in 1534 and to the survial of Champlain in 1605.
  72. Mercer, Rick - Halifax - Originally from Newfoundland. He gained his acclaim from the hit TV show, "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" which is taped in Halifax.
  73. Miles, Johnny - Sydney Mines - One of only two Nova Scotians to win the Boston Mararthon. hw won the famous race in 1926 and again in 1929. In 1983 he was named to the order of Canada. Before the 1926 race, the only thing he had to eat was a roast beef sandwich which was made by his mother, and he bought it to Boston with him.
  74. Minglewood, Matt - Cape Breton - Famous rock and roll artist.
  75. Murray, Anne - Springhill - She is well known for her musical success around the world. she is also known for her speaking out aout anorexia nervosa, which is an eating disorder. There is a museum in her honour in her hometown of Springhill. sung O Canada before the first Blue Jay game in history.
  76. Murray, Eddie - Halifax - Has scored over 1500 points in his 20 year NFL career as a kicker. Born is Halifax, but was raised in England and Victoria.
  77. Murray, Glen - Bridgewater - Drafted the the first round of the 1991 NHL Entry Draft by the Boston Bruins. Late bloomer in his career, didn't really enjoy stardom until the 2001-02 season when he scored 41 goals between the LA Kings and Boston Bruins.
  78. Newcomb, Simon - Wallace - In 1857 he complied the Natical Almanac. While working at the U.S. Naval Odervatory in Washington he made observations of both Neptune and Uranus. Was a professor of mathematics and astronomy at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.
  79. Parris, John Jr. - Windsor - In February of 1994 he became the first black coach in professional hockey history. He coached the Tampa Bay Lightning's top farm team, the IHL's Atlanta Knights. He lead them to teh Turner Cup championship. Has also coaced in the Quebec and Central leagues.
  80. Perry, Robert - Sydney - He discovered the North Pole.
  81. Porter, Gladys - Kentville - She was the first female MLA elected in the province in 1961 and 1963, Also the first female mayor in eastern Canada in the 1940's.
  82. Rankin Family - Cape Breton - One of the most celebrated Celtic bands ever in Canada.
  83. Regan, Gerry - Windsor - Famous sports announcer, later elected as Premier representing the Liberals. Served as a MP.
  84. Regan, Nancy - Windsor - Gerry's daughter, known as the host of ATV's Live at Five.
  85. Rigney, Liz - Halifax - Originally from PEI, she was known as the host of ATV/ASN's Beaskfast Television. Also a profession musican.
  86. Roue, William J. - South Shore - He was the man who designed the Bluenose.
  87. Sexton, Blaine - Windsor - In the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's he was known as Europe's "Mr. Hockey". He is created with making hockey popular in England and Europe. Played for England at the 1924 Winter Olympics.
  88. Slocum, Josh - Wilmot Township - From April, 1895 to June, 1898 he sailed 74 060 kilometres all over the world. By doing so he became the first person to sail anround the world all by himself.
  89. Smith, Bobby - Sydney - He was the first Nova Scotian to be drafted first overall in the NHL Entry Draft (1978). he later became the first Nova Scotian to earn 1000 career points and first NHLer from the province to play in 1000 NHL games. He played for the Minnesota North Stars and the Montreal Canadiens where he won a Cup in 1986. He is currently the owner of the QMJHL's Halifax Mooseheads.
  90. Smith, Mike - Halifax - Formally a member of the rock band Sandbox. Now stars as Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys.
  91. Snow, Hank - Liverpool - For 44 weeks in the 1950's his hit song "I'm Moving On" was the No. 1 song in North America. This is still a record, and it will probably never be broken. There is a museum in his honour in his hometown of Liverpool. He was the man who discovered Elvis Presley, when Elvis was a young singer. He was one of country music's first true superstars.
  92. Sobey, Frank - New Glascow - Founded an Empire that includes a entertainment division and a division of grocery stores that bares his name.
  93. Stanfield, Robert - unknown - Was a long-time premier of Nova Scotia. Has been called the best Prime Minister Canada never had.
  94. Sutterland, Donald - Bridgewater - Born in St. John, NB he spent his teen years in Bridgewater. Star of many TV shows and movies such as MASH.
  95. Thompson, Sir John JC - Halifax - Was the 4th Prime Minister in Canadian history, served as a member of the Conservative Party. He served from 1892-94. He died while he was in office. Between 1882-85 he was the premier of Nova Scotia.
  96. Torrens, Jonathan O. - Lemister - Has had a successful career as a boardcaster on the CBC. He was the host of Street Cents for many years before getting his own talk show, Jonovision. Now stars as J-Roc on Showcase's smash hit Trailer Park Boys.
  97. Tremblay, John Paul - Halifax - Actor, plays Julian on Trailer Park Boys.
  98. Tupper, Sir Charles - Amherst - Was the 6th Prime Minister in Canadian histroy. Served for just two months in 1896 as a conservative. Was voted in as NS premier in 1864 and he attended all three of the Confederation meetings. Last election just after he was named the PM.
  99. Vaughan, Garth - Windsor - Was a doctor, now he promotes Windsor as the birthplace of hockey.
  100. Walsh, Mary - Halifax - Originally from Newfoundland, but is most famous for her work on CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes which is produced in Halifax.
  101. Walters, Captain Angus - Lunenburg - Skipper of the Bluenose.
  102. Wells, Robb - Actor, plays Ricky on Trailer Park Boys.
  103. White, Portia - Halifax - Was known as the "Marion Anderson of Canada" during her career as a classical singer.
  104. Winters, Robert - Lunenburg - Financial , Federal Liberal Cabinet Member, lost leadership bid to Pieree Elliot Trudeau
  105. Wood, Sonja - Hantsport - Musican, also famous for her efforts on getting Highway 101 twinned throughout the Annpolis Valley.
  106. Young, Wendel - Cole Harbour - He is the only hockey player in history to win the Memorial Cup (Kitchener - 1982), Calder Cup (Hershy - 1988), Stanley Cup (Pittsburgh -1991 & 1992) and the Turner Cup (Chicago - 1998). The goalie also won a Maritime Jr. A title with Cole Harbour.

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