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This here is a Debate club...
NO! Not really. But what it is... Is a Question that I would like everyone to answer and send their comments to Submit It & if you have a good answer it will be published on this page until the next question!

Please keep checking back to see if you Answer made it!

Question # 2: How was the human created?

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Thomas Ley:Humans were created by a a lightening storm which hit water, and created a living thing that over time grew and adapted to different lifestyles all over the world. God probably had a hand in this one.

Kristin: I think we all evolved over billions of years from a little bacteria, maybe from a piece of lint!

Jon Coote: There's no question about it. It is obvious that an organism as complex as the human couldn't have been created by chance, but only by the touch of God, our heavenly father. To Him alone we owe all praise and thanks for all the beauty around us.

Redhaiku: I don't care, as long as we were. A lot of people argue about where we come from, but what does it matter as long as we are here? We should spend more time working on things that matter today, and affect us now.

stg:How was the human created what an interesting question. I really do'nt have the slighest idea. But did you know in the bible there re like two sections that deal withadam and eve and some other type of evolution. But does anyone actualyl belive in that whole adam and eve thing? I certainley don't becasue if that was true we would be a bunch of well... you now. Anyways you know what I think the aliens created us from the monekys on there planet. Yep that is how we were created from monkeys that look better and are smarter

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