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There are a whole lot of pages on my site. I am updating them as often as I can and adding new sites all the time. In those links below you will find a variety of things. They are things that I like and things that I thought were neat. Then there are the "theme" pages for different holidays. Yeah, I'll admit it they were kind of dumb. But I liked the graphics so I thought... Why not? Anyway, hope you find you way around easy enough and if you get lost just click on the HOME button and it will get you back on track!Now, if you liked the old set-up of this page better. Just go here. I didn't delete it yet.

Click on the Links below to find out about my interest and me. Remember that this page is a personal web page. It's all my favorite things. If there is anything done incorrectly, please let ME know and I will fix it.



Main Basketball Page


Larry Bird page


Reggie Miller page

Other Interest-


Music Page


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Joshua Jackson Shrine page



My friends Page (not the show)


Deticated to my ERNST Family



Poem of Love


Poem for My Family

Holiday Pages-


Christmas page


Halloween page


Valentines Day Lonely Page


It's a Boy!

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My Wondeful Award


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