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Josh's Quotes

Here are some of those unforgettable quotes that our beloved Pacey once said. There are also other quotes from his other movies that makes him oh so cute, and for the male fans, oh so macho!

Quotes From Dawson's Creek
  • "boberated. How may sylables is that?"
  • "What do you say we frost my tips?"
  • "I got a bad case of the Molly Ringwalds today."
  • "Ya know what? You're absolutely right. I mean, I am sick and tired of being Dawson Leery's sidekick. I'm gonna get my own storyline."
  • "I'm gonna start tearing out my fingernails for relief."
  • "Oh I have a sense of humor. In fact I have a really good sense of humor. It's just that telling a girl that I'm dying so that she'll go out with me- that's just not funny."
  • "You know what, McPhee? I really wish I made you nervous."
  • "Ok, Andie, I'm havin' a mellow morning. I haven't had any car accidents; I haven't been diagnosed with any terminal defects. And I'd really just like to keep a low pro. So- buh-bye!"
  • "Andie- you're rich. Rich people don't end up in the street. They end up in Florida."
  • "Hmm...Back-handed insults disguised as compliments; that's really a novel approach at winning back a girl's affections."
  • "I assure you that my sexuality is intact, ok? I'm not the one taking group showers at an all girl's school. But, given the opportunity I'd-"
  • "I mean, come on. My butt, it really, it's like a magnet. Chicks just, they can't keep their eyes off of it."
  • "She won my vote a few bumper stickers ago"
  • "Games? What do you wanna play....Pin the Tail on the Hoe Bag?"
  • "Well, I went into the bathroom the tension, and, well, the coach walks in...."
  • "Alright Jo, say goodbye to the nice serial rapist man."
  • "Busted..."
  • "Oh please, please don't leave me! Say you'll come back someday! Don't worry darling, I'll come back for you. Unless of course my plane is shot down by Nazis and my face is burned beyond recognition after cutting off William Defoe's fingers."
  • "Would you tell you client I'm sorry?"
  • "Hey! Don't talk trash...recycle!"
  • "Don't worry, you're not a little Oompa Loompa anymore.... you're a big, strong, manly Oompa Loompa!"
  • "Your tongue was in my mouth!"
  • "Listen, I have three menstrually diverse sisters, okay? Cosmo is my saviour!"
  • "What can I say? She has gaydar!"
  • "You know, you say that with such lap-dog enthusiasm Doug."
  • "You, me, the movies tonight...we are stalking a faculty member!"
  • "It's a crock! The truth is you're a well put together, knock-out of a woman who's feeling a little insecure about hitting 40. So when a young, virile boy, such as myself flirts with you, you enjoy it, you entice it, you fantasize about what it would be like to be with that boy on the verge of manhood, because it helps you stay feeling attractive; makes the aging process a little more bearable. Well, let me tell you something, you blew it lady, cause I'm the best sex you'll never have!"
  • "Oh you're so butch Douggie!"
  • "She wants me!"
  • "You like really like me!"
  • "You Andie McPhee, you're the woman I love to hate."
  • "Kiss me."
  • "You know, I think this Pinter guy was really on to something!"
  • "I got my eye on you blondie! One more slip-up and officer Pacey's commin' after ya."
  • "Hey little Miss! You keepin' out of trouble?"
  • "And maybe you should stop barking all together!"
  • "That girl is head-in-the-clouds, 100% ass-backwards in love with you!"
  • "You know, I thought that Capeside should know that at least one member of the Witter family was having heterosexual sex."
  • "Father's are weird creature's aren't they?"
  • "You...I want you."

  • "Did I tell you I'm allergic to nuts? Any kind of nuts, I swear, I blow up!"
  • "...and I dislike everything about that school...except for maybe you."
  • "They want lunch? We'll give them lunch."
  • "Goldberg, don't you ever do that to me again."
  • "But I'm not a warior, I'm a duck!"
  • "This guy is no duck."
  • "I'm not a defenceman, I'm a scorer!"
  • "Bring it on!"
  • "I gotta walk..."
  • "Hi, uh, we're the ducks!"
  • "I gotta tell my mom to stop putting the horse turds in the recipe."

  • "You can't make me cheat."
  • "You know, my mom has many qualities that men find attractive."
  • "Yeah, but a quarter of an inch the other way and you would have missed completely."

  • "I'm gonna die of boredom..."
  • "You mean you lost your cookies."
  • "I bet I could drive that."

  • "That kiss was the best, wasn't it?"
  • "I'd be Captain Nemo...unseen, but present!"

  • "I didn't say I didn't like it."
  • "I guess I never met the right girls. You know, no one I really wanted to spend any time with...I think my luck is changing."
  • "This kid's on fire!"

  • "I'm standing here, and I'm looking at your face with my arrow in the middle of the bullseye..."

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