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A native of British Columbia, Joshua Jackson landed his first professional acting job at age nine, when he was cast in several commercials for British Columbia Tourism. This led to a part on the television series "MacGyver," also shot in Vancouver, and the lead role as Charlie in a Seattle-based musical production of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."

Josh’s big-screen debut was in Michael Bortman's well-received 1991 film "Crooked Hearts." This was quickly followed by his central performance playing on the ragtag hockey team in the Disney’s hit trilogy of the "Mighty Ducks". Josh has also been active on the small screen, starring in many up-to-date classics such as "Robin of Locksley," and "Ronnie and Julie."

Josh currently divides his time between California and Vancouver. Today, Josh has become a recognized acting talent most popularly for his role on WB’s "Dawson’s Creek".

A Little Pacey Info! X-cuse me if I repeat some...

Josh's full name is Joshua Carter Jackson. He was born in Vancouver, B.C., Canada!!!! on June 11, 1978. He's Somewhere around 6 feet tall. He's a left hander and has natural curly hair, like me! Josh says that he is more comfortable around women because he was raised among females. With his family, it was just his mother and his sister Ashleigh and some pets. Josh grew up in a small community where everyone knew each other, and went to school with the people they've known for a decade. Josh has a good sense of humor, enjoys laughing and having a good time, which sometimes cause him into a little trouble during his high school years. His favorite TV shows are the X-Files and Home Improvement. Since the X-Files is Josh's favorite TV show, he's been trying to get on it for 5 years (as he claims), but so far there hasn't been any luck. He thinks Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are superb actor; Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise are amazing personalities. Josh is going out / went out with his Dawson's co-worker, Katie Holmes. (Are you gagging about that last comment? I AM)

His fan mail address is as follows:
Joshua Jackson
c/o William Morris Agency
151 El Camino Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
That be all for now!
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