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Josh's Tid Bits

Full name: Joshua Carter Jackson

Birth Date: June 11th, 1978

bro's and Sis's: 14 year old sister (Aisleagh) and two older step brothers (Lymon and Jonathan).

Da Pets: A turtle (Searesha), a cat (Magic), and a dog (Shumba).

Height: 6 feet tall.

Hair: brown (But those blonde tips are much cuter)

Eyes: Blue (awww... yes they are!)

Horoscope sign: Gemini (hmm...)

Favorite band: Nirvana.

Favorite TV shows: The X-Files and Home Improvement.

Josh prefers: Boxers over briefs! (The man likes freedom!)

Josh is: left-handed (haha)

Joshwas living with his co-star James Van Der Beek (Dawson) in Wilmington, North Carolina while filming Dawson's Creek.

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