Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids


Meat Beat Cleaver Beat
Snuffy's VCR
Big Black Bus
After School Special

(More Self Released Cds)

The Family Jams

(Nothing Records Releases)

Get Your Gun
Portrail Of An American Family
Smells Like Children
AntiChirst Superstar
Mechanical Animals

(Posthuman Record Releases)

Holy Wood (In the Vally of the Shadow Of Death)
The Golden Age Of Grotesque


Lost Highway SoundTrack (Apple Of Sodem, and Prev Released: I Put Spell on You)
Howards Sterns Private Parts SoundTrack ( The Suck For your Solution)
StrangeLand Soundtrack (Prev Released: Wrapped In Plastic)
Dead Man On Campus SoundTrack (Remake of David Bowies Golden Years)
Spawn ( A Long Hard Road Out Of Hell )
The Matrix ( Rock Is Dead )
S.F.W. ( Prev Released: Get Your Gun )
Blair Witch Project 2:Book of Shadows ( Suicide is Painless)
Resident Evil (The Fight Song (Slipknot Remix))

Bootlegs and Demos

(This Is Only A Short List Of The Bootlegs And Demos That Are Floating Around)

The 5000 Fingers Of Marilyn Manson
The Dark Adventures Of Marilyn Manson
Demo In My LunchBox Vol. 1
Uncut (Uncensored Version of Smells Like Children EP)
Smells Like Children Recalled
Resident Evil
Everlasting Gobstopper - The Spooky Kids Demo
LunchBox Demos
After School Special Demos
Dark Adventures
Rusty LunchBox
White Trash Vol. 1.2.3
Trent's Nasty Babies
Marilyn Manson: Manson Babes
Dead In Chicago (live cd)
Manson Family Circus

Mr. Manson's Home Demos
Sympathy for The Devil
Unrination (live cd)
Monkey Massacre
Obsessional Nuerosis
Marilyn Manson's Demos and Remixes Vol. 1.2.3.
Selena's True Killers
Mr. Manson's Home Demos (same as While Trash Vol.3)
Working Class Hera (John Lennon remix)

Promo Cds

(Another Short List Of Cds, Many Others Are Floating Around)

Get Your Gun (High - School Drop-Outs)
Get Your Gun (cencored For Television )
Get Your Gun (includes 4 tracks )
LunchBox/High School Drop-Outs (includes 3 tracks)
Dope Hat
Smells Like Children (Promo Recalled)
Smells Like Children (promo)
Sweet Dreams (Promo)
Antichrist Superstar (Promo)
Beutiful People (Promo)
Tourniqet (Radio Promo)
Dope Show Promo (sent out to members of fan club before Mechanical Animals was released


Sweet Dreams
Tourniquet CD I, CD II CD III
Tourniquet CD w/ tattoo. (Very Rare)
Tourniquet Record
Beutiful People (German)
Beutiful People CD I, CD II,
Beutiful People W/2 full lenth videos (same as CD I)
Dope Show CD I, CD II
I Dont Like The Drugs, But The Drugs Like Me CD I, CD 2 (has a drug screen saver)
Dope Show Vinyl
Antichrist Superstar (Japanese, Very Rare)
Mechanical Animals +2 (Extra cd with Uncut Dope Show Video)
Rock is Dead Cd 1
Rock is Dead cd 2 (enhanced)
Rock is Dead Record
Antichrist Superstar LP Pic Disc (500 made)
The Man That You Fear
Mechanical Animals (comic Book Edition)
Maximum Manson a bio on cd (also under books)
Marilyn Manson Star Profile (also a bio on cd)
The Last Tour on Earth (2 CD set. 2nd CD has 3 unreleased songs
Disposable Teens CD 1 (Import)
Disposable Teens CD 2 (Import)
The Nobodies Cd 1 (Import)
The Nobodies Cd 2 (Import)
Fight Song Cd 1 (Import)
Fight Song Cd 2 (Import)
Tainted Love Cd 1 (Import)
Tainted Love Cd 2 (Import)
Tainted Love Single
Mobscene Cd 1 (Import)
Mobscene Cd 2 (Import)
Mobscene/Paronoiac Cd
This Is the New Shit Cd 1 (Import)
This Is the New Shit Cd 2 (Import)

Full Lenth Cds

Potrait Of A American Family
Smells Like Children
Antichrist Superstar
Mechanical Animals
The Last Tour On Earth
Holy Wood ( In The Valley Of The Shadow of Death)
The Golden Age Of Grotesque
The String Quartet : A Tribute to Marilyn Manson
Anthems of Rust and Decay: A Tribute to Marilyn Manson

Box Sets

Coffin Box Set
God Of Fuck Box Set
Smells like Box Set
HumanAnimal Box Set
Marilyn Manson Gift Set


Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
The Unauthorized AutoBiography
The Story Of Marilyn Manson
Dissecting Marilyn Manson
Maximum Manson a Unauthorized Bio on Cd
Marilyn Manson Star Profile Bio On cd

Interview Cds

(Most of these can be found in Box Sets)

A Interview With Marilyn Manson
ChatBook Interview
RockView Interview
Smells Like Interview
Marilyn Manson: In Conversation
Geneses Of The Devil (Audio)
World According To Marilyn Manson
Dancing With The Antichrist (Import/Audio)
All Talk (Audio/Pic Galley/Etc)
Inconversation (Audio)
A Tribute to Marilyn Manson
Live: Live (Audio)
From Obscurity 2 Purgatory (Audio/Import)
RockView Interviews (Audio)
Sweet Dreams (EP)(Audio)

Live Cds

Devil Inside (Germany BizzarreFest)
Where Evil Dwells (Santiago Chili)
Marilyn Manson, Trents Nasty Babies (Houston)
The Last Tour On Earth


Dead To The World
Demystifying The Devil (Unauthorized Bio)
God Is In The Tv
Lost Highway (Short Clips With Manson And Twiggy)
JawBreaker (Sex Scene With Rose)
God Is In The Tv

Main Meun

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