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When did I update my page?

21/7 - Added two sounds of Liz as Chris to my Liz 
       Burch page on a new soudn page!

20/7 - Added a NEW link to a great NEW page about Louise Siversen, on my linkpage!
1/2 - Added links to from my link page and episode guide to my Taya Straton(guestrole in Fd and a bigger role in "Prisoner" as "Spider") page.
24/1 - Finally added the letter, picture and autograph of Liz Burch on my Chris page!!
21/1 - Added a page with all the epi's descriptions on the same site...
3/12 - A new link on my Chrispage, to a "Five Mile Creek" page.
29/11 - I've changed the URL for my Rowie and Chris pages. Now they are: Rowie: ie.html Chris:
18/11 - Added episodes 12, 13 and 14. I've also worked a bit with my older episodeguides. Moved them from Tripod to Angelfire.
16/11 - Added a new Chris page with Liz Burch's autograph and a letter
1/11 - Added a new link to the Australian soap news page!!
26/10 - Added a new page on my Sarah Chadwick page. A page with pic's of Sarah in "Glad Rags"
16/9 - Added some pic's at my Chris page.
7/9 - Changed a bit on my Rowie page.
5/7 - Added som info about Sarah Chadwick and made some changes on my first page!
31/7 - Added a new link to Tanja's page, added a info page about Sarah Chadwick
22/7 - Changed a bit on my Rowie page. My first page and my picture page. Written underlines to the pictures and added two to my firstpage of Rowie.
18/7 - I've added lots of Pic's of Rowie. Roos gave them to me
5/7 - I've added a new story "Rowie goes back" and a new page about Rowie.
5/5 - I've added 3 new pic's on Emma! They're from Sonja all 3!
4/5 - I've made a special page for pictures of Liz Burch as Chris. - I've added new pic's on my Chris and Ocean Girl page!
30/5 - I have added some new pic's of Chris, which I got from Astrid. - I've put a link to Marianne's FD and reunion page from my link page.
19/5 - I added a new link to Astrids FD page. Where you can find pic's of her meetings with the stars... (why should I be jealous...? :D )
15/5 - Wrote some text under my "MTS" pic's on my Chris site. - Added some new pictures of Chris which I got Jessie.
12/5 - I made a counter for my Chris page with pic's of her in "Mission Top Secret"
- added two new links to my link page!
9/5 - worked on this page
- Made a link from my frame to this site
- I made a new Picture page on my Chris page, with 3 new pic's from "Mission top secret"
- Changed all the fonts on my Chris pages to "onyx"
6/5 - Made a link page for my Liz Burch page!
- And this page with my updates