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Rowie goes back

Rowie goes back!

Some years ago Rowie left for Venice.

In Venice she met at man and they felled in love. They tried to have a baby but Rowie never got pregnant. The man, who's name was Stuart told her to go and visit a doc. But she was to afraid about the result to do that. This thing really came between Rowie and Stuart and led to Rowie leaving. There is where we are now…

Rowie took her backpacker and went off the bus. She hadn't have any contact with Coopers Crossing when she was gone and wondered if everyone was still there. She walked in to the pub and saw Nancy in the pub. Nance met her with a big hug. -I knew you should get back some day, Rosie, ohh, sorry - Rowie. said Nance.

( R) - Nice to see ya too, Nance, where is Vic?

(N) - Oh, I'm afraid he's gone…

(R ) - I'm so sorry…

(N) - Well, there are some of the others - Kate, Chris, Guy and Jackie, why don't you go and see them?.

( R) - Good Idea …bye.

Rowie went over to their table and nobody saw her so she putted her hands in front of Kate's eye's The others saw her but all of them was quite. -Sabrine? Kate said…

Everyone screamed: No, it's Rowie!! Some seconds later were everyone hugging and kissing Rowie. All of them were glad that she was back!!

( C) - Will you stay here? asked Chris

Rowie answered that thought so.

( R) - I've really missed Coopers Crossing and all of you she said.

(G) - Bad for you that there are no jobs free at the hospital, we got all the doc's we need now when Chris is back. Said Guy with a big smile over his face.

(R ) - I'll find something out, said Rowie.

Some hours late was Rowie in bed at her old room at the pub. Rowie thought that she had to get an medical examination to see what's wrong with her. She didn't knew who to ask, she wished that Kate was a doctor, it's so easy to talk to her thought Rowie. Guy is at least out of the question and so is Geoff. It had to be a woman otherwise will id be very embarrassing she thought. Maybe Chris or that new doc Kate talked about, Sabrine.

Then she started to think about that she had no job. They couldn't hire more doc's at the hospital because it was to small. Well, then we have to make it bigger she thought and we could hire a new pilot and buy a new nomad. Then could we take a bigger area she thought.

The next morning she waked late and took a shower. Then she walked down to the hospital to get her examination.

Clare was glad to see her and said that Chris was there when she asked for a female doc.

(C ) - Has something happened? asked Clare.

(R ) - No, No, I just want to talk to her lied Rowie.

She knocked at Chris's door and she opened it. - Hi Rowie?

Rowie told her that she wanted to be examined and what kind of a examination she meant.

Chris said that she wasn't any gynecologist, but she could make the examination anyway.

(R ) - I don't know you very well Chris, but I know that you don't tell anyone if I tell you not to. And I think I have to talk to someone about this. I thought about Kate - but I knew that she couldn't make the examination and I have to talk to the one that makes it - so I would just have to tell one if I told you said Rowie.

Chris answered that she won't tell anyone and she asked Rowie if she thought that she had AIDS.

(R )- No, nothing like that said Rowie and told Chris the full story about Stuart, Venice, Why she went back here and her scareness.

Chris listend and thought about if she should tell Rowie about her time in Sidney. She thought that it could help her and asked if she could keep a secret. Rowie said, of course.

And Chris told Rowie her whole story about Tom, Sidney, Africa and Helen. She was close to tears when she told the end of the story. It still hurts to talk about it - especially about Helen. She told Rowie about the two babyboys she had now and about how happy she is with Tom.

(C ) - I thought I would never get pregnant. But I was lucky that I still had my period then, many woman lose it in that age. But I still have mine, do you?

(R ) - Yes, I'm not that stupid - of course I wouldn't get pregnant otherwise. By the way Chris, I have to talk to you about the hospital.

Rowie told her about her idea!

(C ) - I think it's great said Chris - we could write to all the old staff and ask them to come back.

(R ) -Yes, I'd like that. Maybe you can tell everyone about the idea at the next hospital meeting!

(C ) - Yes, I will said Chris, but lets make this examination now.

(R ) - Yes, ok. lets hope for the best.

(C ) - We sure do said Chris and kissed Rowie on her left cheek. - You can take off you trousers and sit down there and put up your legs now.

Ok, said Rowie. She hated this kind of examinations. It felt like if Chris were "digging" in her for hours and she was really nervous about that result.

Chris was also nervous - this didn't looked too good.

(C )- Have you done a this kind of examination before? asked Chris

(R )- No, I've never. I've thought about it many times but always changed my mind because I've been so scared about it should show. Is it bad?

Chris was done with the examination and told Rowie that she could get dressed if she wanted.

(R ) - I wanna know what you saw first said Rowie.

(C ) - Ok, said Chris and took Rowie's hand . You will never be able to have kids. There are some serious wrongs with your womb and you will never get pregnant. I'm so sorry said Chris.

(R ) - Ok said Rowie and got dressed. She said goodbye to Chris but when she was about to go out of the room she couldn't hold back the tears no more. She burst into cry and sat down on the bed. Chris sat beside her. Rowie couldn't stop crying. She had feared this moment for so long now.

This reminded Chris about when Kate had comforted her when she got back from Sidney. The memories made her cry too. They sat like that for a long time. Then Rowie told Chris that she could tell the others about it on the meeting. It didn't mattered if everyone knew she thought. Chris agreed to it and Rowie left.

The same afternoon at the "hospital meeting" Chris told everyone about Rowie and then about her idea. The others felt sorry for Rowie and liked her idea. Geoff said that they just have to make some phonecalls to see if the RFDS and the state agreed to it and if they could get money for it. He said that he should make the calls the next day.

Next day when Geoff had made the calls was he really happy about the results… They had said that it was a great idea and one bigger hospital should make everything sheeper than many small. They should get their money. Geoff asked everyone to come to the pub and when everyone including Rowie was there, he told them the good news. Chris told them about her idea about the old stuff coming back. Everyone thought itwas a great idea. Chris and Rowie should write the letters.

Next day after work Chris walked to the pub to see Rowie. Nancy helped them to remember everyone. They wrote letters to: Magda, Annie, Debbie, Sharon, Sam, DJ, Joe and everyone else who had worked there through the years.

Then when they were alone. Rowie gave Chris a big hug and thanked her for all the suport and help. Chris said that this will be hard for Rowie but at least she has got lots of friends and she can talk to Chris whenever she wants.

Written by: Stina Carlund 1999-06-23