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BORN: 1954-10-18

Tv series!

Ocean Girl (Diane Bates) (1994) (the second season)
The flying doctors (Chris Randall) 
Five Mile Creek (Kate Wallace) (1983-1984)
Cop Shop (1981)


Tunnel Vision (Mrs. Leyton) (1995)

Tv Guest appearanees

G.P (Leslie Milton) (1989)
G.P (Sally Rickertson) (1989)
Water Rats (Susan Webb)
(episode: 18 "Bad blood", 19 "Floater") Water Rats (Gillian Swain,Helen Blakemore´s girlfriend)
(episodes: 85 "A woman of substance", 86 "Double blind", 88 "The family way")


Lent me a tenor
Caravan (1989-1990)
A Bedfull of Foreigners  (1993)
Steaming (-1995)   (at: Garry Penny Prods national Tour of New Zealand)

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