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Pictures of Liz Burch as Diane Beats in Ocean Girl!!

I've never seen Ocean Girl because the Swedish television doesn't seem to wanna show it! But I've found some great pic's of Liz as Diane Beats in Ocean Girl, here they are.

(K) Liz as Diane!

(K) Diane

(K) Diane again


(S) Diane

(S) Diane/Liz in the theme song..

(S) Diane

(S) Diane, trying to get up after falling..

(S) Diane and

Diane in the water...

(S) Diane is in a court hearing against the man in the foregroun, because he wants to build a underwater-city in the reef, which would have meant that all life in that region in the ocean would have died.

(S) Diane...

(S) A picture from the opening of Ocean Girl

(K) - Kajsa gave me these pic's! Thanx!

(S) - Sonja gave me these pic's! Thanx!

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