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Pictures of Liz Burch as Chris Randall in The Flying Doctors!!

This is why I like Liz Burch so much!! As "Chrissy" Randall!!

Chris and Ron in the first episode, when she arrives to CC.

(A)A nice picture of Chris outside the hospital

(A)What can I say?, Chris and Tom...

(A)The two of them again!

(A)Love this!, she got her cute smile! Together with the two old men outside the pub!

Chris in the earlier episodes..

Emma, Violet, Chris, Geoff, Kate and Baxter!

Chris and Geoff together with a horse.


Chris and Geoff!!

Chris and Tom!!

Chris, Sam, Kate and Geoff!

Baxter, Chris, Tom, Kate, Gibbo and Ron!!

Chris and the rest of the people in Coopers Crossing!

Kate, Tom and Chris!!



(J) Chris, Geoff, DJ and Tom.

Chris together with "the outback preast".

Chris, a child and Kate!!

(J) Chris...

(J) Jack,Chris,Geoff and Tom in the hospital.

(J)Chris, Geoff and Sam, flying in the nomad...


Chris and Tom in episode 201, when everyone gets back to CC to celebrate together...

Chris in episode 201.

(R) Chris doesn't want to take it easy - Kate tells her to do that. Epi:201

(R) Chris and Tom after Chris's buscrachEpi:201

(R) Tom and Chris when Tom writes his adress in Kates book.Epi:201

(R) Chris writes her name and adress in Kate's book, The same adress as Tom!!Epi:201

(R) Tom & Chris. Epi:201

(R) Chris and Vic are singing. Epi:201

(J) = Jessie gave me these pic's, she made them by herself from her TV, THANX!!

(A) = Astrid gave me these pic's, THANX!!

(R) = Roos gave me these pic's, THANX!!

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