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The Story About Chris...

Her full name is ”Christine Randall”. Chris is a citygirl from the beginning. She´s a doc just like her father and befor she came to Coopers Crossing was she in Cooma. Chris and Tom had a relationcip and was supposed to get married befor he left for Africa. Chris also had another lover- Mike Lancaster. He gave her a red ”tigermouth” plane when he left or his wife and his children in France. Chris lived together with the 15-17 years old girl Zoe for a while. Zoe´s mum and her new man died so Chris took care of Zoe. They found her father and Zoe and her father left together. Kate lived with Chris in her house for a pretty long time, from Emma and Sam´s wedding to Kate´s. Jack was in love with Chris but she saw him just as a friend and nothing more. Around episode 100 was Chris real serious sick. She had cancer in her aorta and ha to operate in Sidney. The operation was a sucsses and she cut her hair in Sidney. Chris leaves the show in episode 146, her father gets ill and she decides to live with him in Sidney. In episode (The old book) when there was a big celebration of the town she finally gets back. Tom and Chris kiss eachother and leave for Africa together. Chris was the first female doctor in Coopers Crossing so there was some trouble when she first arrive.

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