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81. Fair Go
A new postpilot comes to town. He takes lots of money for everything and noone likes him. Kimberly gave Chris and Jack some money to build a sprthall with before she left. Baxter tries to stop them.

82. Broken Airwaves
Everyone treet Kate as a slave and she doesn´t like it so she just runs away to a rodeo. But she falls of her horse Toby on the road and breaks her neck. Everyone are worried about her and miss her. Finally they founds her. Chris and Jack really wanna build their sport hall.

83. Bed And Board
Kate´s neck is pretty ok by now, but they (Chris and Kate) tells Geoff that the neck still hurts alot because he wants Kate to go out and run with him. Maggies f.d boyfriend as she hasn´t seen in 30 years comes to Coopers Crossing and Sam and Emma gives him a job. Noone want to help Chris and Jack to build the sporthouse.

84. Breaking The Drought
There are NO rein!! Emma and Sam are close to broken and ruined when the rain finally comes in the end of this episode. Dougies cousine got som trouble with his bowels and Chris and Sam have to operate out in the outback. Marty should look after the pub when Vic is visiting Nancy who´s at her sick sister. Marty and Paula seems to like each other...

85. Family Secrets (part 1)
Geoff´s brother comes and visits, Geoff does NOT like it. The broter build the rest of hte sporthall with Vic´s money! Chris and Jack are happy! Kimberly wanna know how they´re doing with the sporthall building.

86. Family Secrets (part 2)
Geoff´s brother tries to rape Kate and really scares her up. She goes crying to Chris. Chris blame Geoff for everything. Geoff´s brother leaves Coopers Crossing. Kate leaves too. She wants a holiday from Geoff who in the episodes end tells Kate that he loves her.

87. All You Need Is Luck
Penny is the temporary nurse when Kate is gone. Everybody axcept from Paula doesn´t like Penny. Especially Maggie, she hates her. Maggie got some problems and takes a vacasion at Emma and sam´s farm. Geoff has bought his brother car ”The Beast” and he drives like a mad.

88. The Silly Season
Chris doesn´t seems to be ok. Two guy´s sees a UFO, somebody belives them and somebody´s not. Geoff misses Kate. Emma is worried about Maggie and there´re a big bad weather.

89. Every Situation
Baxter takes care about two young criminals who nearly takes his life and then save him. Maggie doesn´t wanna speak about her son to Emma and Sam. Chris doesn´t feel so good, she´s worried, got headdake, bleed in her nose (noseblood) and got high blood presion, at the end she lets Geoff examine her.

90. The Storyteller
Chris got cancer but wants to take medicine instead of operation, her eyes becomes bad and Chris is frightened. Before that are Chris and Jack at ”Dougies dance”. Marty steeles Geoffs engine to beat the record in puting all the oarts together, he wanna be in ”Ginuess Recordbook”.