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71. She´ll be right
Hurtle comes and visits, he brings a stolen blue Rolls Roys. Paula Patterson join the serie as ”X-ray doc”, and she´s Sam´s sister. Jack is back and Chris is sad because Mike leaves her for his wife and children in France.

72. One Final Request
Mike gives his aeroplane (the Tigermouth) to Chris without meeting her. Kate and Geoff spend some time with a dieing old lady- who dies later. Hurtle and Vic has to go to court about that Rolls Roys, the police (Larry O´Connor) thinks that they have stolen it. Hurtle leaves again and Larry O´Connor too.

73. Roxanne
Roxy kidnaps Emma and later Chris too (she needs a doc to examine her hurted ”friend”). They have to stay with the ”sick” and drug taking girl the hole night. Sam and Jack finds them the next day.

74. Don´t Tell Anybody
Everybody except Chris, Emma, Maggie and someone more leaves town for some kind of a ”campschool”. Emma, Chris and the other are at the pub when some drunks comes and visit. The girls has to sleep in the pub because the drunks are outside.

75. No Way Back
Emma loses her baby (miscarriage). Emma and Sam´s friend Ann sells her farm (caused by George Baxter). Sam buy´s it. The dog ”Jeddah” comes with the house”. Chris takes her first flight with a passenger (Geoff), he doesn´t like it too much.... Paula is in love with Geoff

76. Johnnie Come Home
Baxter wants to buy Emma and Sam´s farm, they don´t let him. A boy with a kidney problem find his twinbrother in the last second, so he can have his brothers kidney.

77. Look, Up In The Sky
Kate and Geoff drives til they´re lost, then they wheel brokes down. (caused by Geoff). Some people in a airballon come to Coopers Crossing. There´s a ballon race between Kate and Geoff. Paula does anything for Geoff....

78. Preacher Man
Some christen people comes to town to have their meeting there. A Lady in a weelchaire can walk again after being heeled. Paula nearly joins theire group. Maggie got some problem with the stress.

79. The Fear (part 1)
Kimberly comes to Coopers Crossing to visit Chris she got her ”trouble son” with her. Paula likes DJ insted of Geoff.

80. The Fear (part 2)
Kimberly´s son makes up with his fear of going outside. DJ has started to lose his hair.