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61. The Kid
Mike (Chris fd patient) really likes Chris. Mike takes Chris with him on a picknic. Kate likes it, and tease her. Itīs a ”dog game” and a young bloke (Andy) comes to Coopers Crossing.

62. The First Step
Mike is still really keen on Chris. A paralyzed girl will end her life. Kate and Chris tell her that she can live with them in their house. Sheīs fine again after a tour on Samīs horse.

63. Hopscotch
Mike and Chris stucks together. A broken family comes to Coopers Crossing and cheats everyone.

64. Jacks High
Some noisy sheep cutters comes to Coopers Crossing. Someone shoots Jack. Soula leaves for studing Echonomi. Violet decides that she will move to London together with her grandchild and her son Henry.

65.Clapped Out
Violet ”goodbyeparty”... Chris is in love with Mike. Two old men ”runs away” from the ”old peopleīs home”.

66. Private Lives Public Faces
Mike tells Chris that heīs married and is a father. Itīs a fly show in Coopers Crossing. Violet leaves for London (for one year) and Maggie takes her place.

67. Wedlock
DJ arrange a surf competition. Chris doesnīt know what to do with Mike, Kate is trying to help her. Maggie tells everyone gossip about a married couple who are going to devorce.

68. The Wranglerīs Daughter
Chris and Mike are going to leave the town for a weekend together, but Mike leaves Chris for his children in Sidney. A man with a retarded girl (Amy) gets biten by a snake and the girl just disappear, but jackīs replacer larry OīConnor finds her. Vic opens the pubs backside (the outdoor part).

69. Borrowed time
Samīs ”natur fighter” friend crash his plane and dies. Sam gets sad... Emma is pregnant. Kate tries to cheer Chris up, Chris is pretty down because Mike doesnīt come and visit her when he promised.

70. The Forbidden