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51.The noble art
A boxing game ”comes to town”. Kate likes one of them. Emma and Sam wants Kates house. Kate DOESN´T like it, she blames Geoff and Chris.

Chris, Kate and Debbie (stands in for Sam) fly´s out to a farm where a woman has poisoned her justmarried brother. Kate don´t know where to live (she doesn´t wanna live together with a justmarried couple like Sam and Emma). Nancy and Violet opens theire own ”Bistro” (it´s a resturang part of the pub).

53.Cries from the heart
A young girl lose her way out in the outback. Jack blames himself. They finds her.

54.All in a days work
It´s a real tuff day at the clinic. The Inspector from RFDS is there... Chris sprains her foot, Geoff gets wryneck. Sam and Emma is fighting and Kate soon can´t stand to live with them anymore.

55. Out of clear blue sky
A drunk dies. A fellow named Marty join the serie, he takes a job at Emma´s garage. Jack gets out his devorse from his wife who he hasn´t seen for many years.

56.Affirmative Action
A girl takes part in a camel/horse race on her camel and she wins it!! Kate finally desides to move in with Chris.

57.Figures in a landscape
An artist comes to Coopers Crossing, he´s ill. Jack want´s to marry Chris, but Chris doesn´t. Geoffs old girlfriend ”Marcia” who calls him ”GG darling” comes to visit him in ”Crossing”. Kate and Chris wanna know what GG stands for.

58.The devil you know
George Baxter´s boss (Kimberly) comes to visit him. She´s NOT pleased with George´s work. She takes drugs and Chris helps her to get clean., they becomes great friends. Then Kimberly calls Chris in the middle of the night and tells her that she has become”vice VD”

59.Operating solo
Geoff hurts his leg, he and Kate fly´s to Brooken Hill to fix it. They have to share a hotel room... Chris has to make a difficult operation all by herself. She likes the patient.

60.The path of true love
Chris ”patient” talks about Chrisés beautiful eyes. A chaterbus overturnes in a river. One of the passenger´s has to go to the hospitel (bloodpoisoning), she talks about her Robert.