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41.The Hometown hero.
A pilot faints and his brother who doesnīt know how to fly has to take the plane down with Samīs help on the radio (this happens twice). Zoe and her father finallymake friends. Chris and Zoeīs father kiss each other- but they both thought it felt wrong. Geoff and Kate kiss each other a evening at the clinic.

42. A distant echo.
Violet wants to die when she finds out that her grandfathers father killed a lots of aborigines. Kate and Geoff ignore each other.

43. No laughing matter.
The Cochrane brothers are in town. Theire mother almost dies and her sonīs catch her money and gold....... Zoe moves with her father to Sidney. At first Chris donīt seems to care to much, but when she gets home again she finds a botle of jam and a wrapped and framed picture of Chris and Zoe. And Chris starts to cry...

44.No quarter asked.
Kateīs friend Jessie gets back after been away for five years. Emma and Sam decides that they shall get married.

45.Myths and legends.
Chris takes flying lessons to get something else than her lonleyness to think about. Old Hughi is back and makes everyone favours but then he dies.

46.The hitch-hiker
Violet leaves for a vacation. Sam and Emma make plans for their marrige- Violet too. Chris father comes to visit her. Someone hurts her eye- geoff takes care of her.

47.Give a dog a bad name.
A carnival comes to Coopers Crossing and people get killed. The murderer seems to be a boy from the carnival. Chris father starts to be in the way for Chris and the others.

48.Every day a gift.
Chris father (William)īs girlfriend arrives to Coopers Crossing. George Baxter wants to buy a farm- but his bid is to small. Finally he bides more and can buy the farm.

49.Bearing gifts.
An old lady sells/gives away henīs with ”sarmonella”. She gave one to Chris- but she couldnīt kill it so she had it as a domestic animal (good for her). DJ and his friends from Greece opens a resturang. Violet was on Bali and Emma in Sindney, itīs a big party when they come home.

50.Repeat Performance
Sam and Emma gets married. Chris misses the whole wedding when sheīs stuck on a farm in the outback with a sick child and the mother. They has to go 2,5 miles in a terrible wheather. But the girl survives and Chris breaks down after it. Geoff comforts her.