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31.An only child
Three reporters comes to Coopers Crossing (a mum, girl and the mums new man). The parents falls down from a mountain and dies. The doughter whos now all alone can stay with Chris. Chris cares about the girl, whos name is Zoe)

32.A love story
A couple gets married. Zoe stays in Chris house. Geoff falls into the water when hes talking to Kate.

33.Keeping up Appearances
A couple get strickened by a employed, Chris is trying to help the woman (Chris thinks its the husband who hits his wife) Chris and Zoe is fighting- but makes friends again.

34. All things bright and beautiful
Two fellows from town are shooting kangaros. Kate finds a hurted ”Kangaroobaby” and takes care of it. The guys even shoot ”Father Jacko”- but he makes it. Chris try to get Zoe to meet her real father.

35.My name is Sky
A gang of ”Hippies” comes to town. zoe talks to her father and Chris got a patient which she hates- he dies. Geoff goes to Sidney but miss the Outback.

36. Bachelors and spinsters
Its a single night in Coopers Crossing. Zoe likes a boy whos name is Glen, but he likes Chris. Violet becomes an old grandmother.

37.Fiftytwo hours straight
Sam breaks two of his ribs when ”the Cochrane brothers” car explows. Sam, Emma and Geoff are stuck in the nomad out in the outback.

38. A friend of a friend
A ”madman” comes to town. Emma and Sam visits Sams parents. Emma and Sam gets together- and break up again.

39. Friends and Lovers
Chris and Zoe goes to town to meet Zoes dad. The guys in town is fishing eel. Sam and Emma is figthing.

40.Realms of Gold
A man with a map dies. The map says that its gold outside Coopers Crossing- everyone goes crazy. Zoe and her father is figthing