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31.An only child
Three reporters comes to Coopers Crossing (a mum, girl and the mums new man). The parents falls down from a mountain and dies. The doughter who´s now all alone can stay with Chris. Chris cares about the girl, who´s name is Zoe)

32.A love story
A couple gets married. Zoe stays in Chris house. Geoff falls into the water when he´s talking to Kate.

33.Keeping up Appearances
A couple get strickened by a employed, Chris is trying to help the woman (Chris thinks it´s the husband who hits his wife) Chris and Zoe is fighting- but makes friends again.

34. All things bright and beautiful
Two fellows from town are shooting kangaros. Kate finds a hurted ”Kangaroobaby” and takes care of it. The guys even shoot ”Father Jacko”- but he makes it. Chris try to get Zoe to meet her real father.

35.My name is Sky
A gang of ”Hippies” comes to town. zoe talks to her father and Chris got a patient which she hates- he dies. Geoff goes to Sidney but miss the Outback.

36. Bachelors and spinsters
It´s a single night in Coopers Crossing. Zoe likes a boy who´s name is Glen, but he likes Chris. Violet becomes an old grandmother.

37.Fiftytwo hours straight
Sam breaks two of his ribs when ”the Cochrane brother´s” car explows. Sam, Emma and Geoff are stuck in the nomad out in the outback.

38. A friend of a friend
A ”madman” comes to town. Emma and Sam visits Sams parents. Emma and Sam gets together- and break up again.

39. Friends and Lovers
Chris and Zoe goes to town to meet Zoe´s dad. The guys in town is fishing eel. Sam and Emma is figthing.

40.Realms of Gold
A man with a map dies. The map says that it´s gold outside Coopers Crossing- everyone goes crazy. Zoe and her father is figthing