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21.Fearless Frank
Gibbo takes some time off and Fearless Frank takes his place as RFDS´s pilot. Chris is crying out infront of Geoff, she´s missing Tom. Sharon takes her old job back and sais that she will continue her aducation later.

22. Forgiveness
George Baxter and Kate are together, they´re fighting and finally breking up. Kate has found out that George had another girl all the time when he was together with Kate. Geoff is helping someone who has a dangerous friend around her house.

Someone drives her car and crasch it, Geoff start to like her. She´s a teacher with cacer and remains Geoff of his old wife who died in cacer.

24. The show go on
It comes a teathre to Coopers Crossing. Joe and Vic join it. Joe leaves the serie for the teathre.

25.To the rescue (part 1)
Two boys steal sleepingpills from the RFDS and tries to hurt Kate, but two old ladies protect her with guns. Violet, Emma, Sharon and Chris are prepearing for the ”miss Coopers Crossing” bale.

26.Into the future
Emma wins the ”miss competition”. Gibbo dies in a flying accident, Everyone becomes sad. Debbie takes his place as a pilot until they has found anotherone.

27.Good day for it
Sam join the serie as the new pilot. Hurtle is back!! A young girl gets a baby, the family pretends that the child is her mothers.

28.Horses for courses
Rodeo and lasso game. Kate, Sam and more people are with in it. Carole Brett is a well known rodeorider who got dyslexi, she doesn´t wanna talk about it but Chris helps her out. Emma learns to ride.

29.The unluckiest boy in town
A gang of teenagers is ”fighting” around in the town. Something is going on between Geoff and Kate. Sam want Emma to be with him in the stable. DJ makes a disco for the teenagers. A family got an old diseas in their family from generation to generation.

30. It isn´t Cricket
A rich man (named Nigel)with cancer in his eye comes to Coopers Crossing . A cricketgame between Coopers Crossing and Windoona.