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141. End Of The Rainbow
A man belives that someone steels opals from his mine. He gets asthma and is allergic to some funguses in the mine. He finds out who has stolen the opals and goes to his mine to hit him. They fights so the mine falls with them and David (he's there with some others to stop the fight) inside. Everyone survives.

142. Double Vision
A girl who's name is Kim and her mother goes to Coopers Crossing. Kim falls in love with Tom and when he's going on the clinicround she hides in the cargo space in the front of the plane. She gets sick and then even more mental ill. She escapes but they finds her again. She and her mother goes back to Sidney.

143. The Boy In The Boat
A boy and his father goes to Coopers Crossing. They nearly crashes the car into Kate, Geoff and their car. Their car exploed but they survives. The father is dying and they have escaped from the mother in USA. The father dies and the mother lets the boy stay in Australia on a farm but she wents back to Australia.

144. Windows of the soul
A warveteran who walks around out in the bush with his dog falls and bumps his head into a stone. Then he needs a brainoperation. Someone shoots the dog, but it survives. His doughter turns up and he agrees to an operation.

145. Rest In Peace
Annie and Nick finds a car with two deadbodies in a dry river. It turns out to be a couple who has been disappeard for a long time. The son lives but is mental ill. Then they founds out that it was the mother and her lover who was in the car and the man that the mother killed befor she died was still on the farm.

146. Life Line
A girl has a false pregnancy- she gets nuts and takes her brothers child, but everything is good in the end. Chris father gets cancer and after a while Chris goes to visit him, then she decides to stay there! (with him till he dies...) Both Gerry and Chris leaves the show in this episode.

147. Fly like a bird
Johnno joins the show in this episode. A man with a cough has lots of doves. He turns out to be allergic to his doves. A boy he knows wants to become a pilot. Tha man promises to pay with money he's going to get as a damages from a mine where he has worked. But he doesn't get his money because he's allergic to the doves and not the mine. The boy steals Johnno's plane but gets some problems to take it down again. But everything turns out good. Everyone seems to have forgotten all about Chris... =(

148. A Day to remember
It's forest fires everywhere in Australia. A man and a woman gets problem when the fire reaches their house. David gets there in time, but the fire goes by . The woman falls down, there's something wrong with her heart. Geoff has burnt his hands so David has to operate all by himself, even if he has never performed a that kind of operation before - He makes it!!

149. A place to call home
A woman called Kerry gives birth to her child with just help from Nick. Something is strange about the mother, she turns out to have lots of stolen money and she's on the run..

150. Divided loyalties
Johnno's pilot friend and two passengers crashes and dies. The wife of Johnno's friend is pregnant. She's NOT happy about what has happened, Kate stays with her for some days.