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131. Two Sisters Running
Two young girls and their grandmother are driving to Broken Hill. The grandmother who suffers from cancer faints when she's driving and the car flies off the road. A bit later the grandmother dies and the girls moves in the end to their father.

132. Dangerous Games
An older man who is a friend of Nancy likes rodeo - he's going to ride on a bull - falls off and he turns out to have low cholesterol. Nancy falls down the stairs in the pub when she's fighting with Vic - she becomes paralysed. But a very good doctor in Sydney fixes it up.

133. Milk Run
A man gets a heartattac. Chris has apply for a post in Sydney and gets it but then she decides to turn the offers down. A woman falls and her son is stupid and can't call the base.

134. Point Of No Return
A girl who lives with her man and her parants is unhappy thanks to her mother. When Debbie flies the nomad with the woman back to Coopers Crossing, Debbie who earlier has smashed her head gets an concussion of her brain but David gets the nomad down.

135. Small Mercies
Tom goes to a homevisit with his brand new pickup. The boy he's visiting has asthma and his mother turns out to be sick. The radio doesn't work so Tom and the boy goes to the closest farm but they loses their way. Tom smash his head and gets an concussion of his brain. David and the boy's uncle finds them in the end.

136. A Painfull Extraction
DJ's father comes to visit from Greece. He wants DJ to go back to Greece with him, DJ don't. They goes out to a farm to fix a broken radio but they have to stay there because the car gets broken too. The man who lives there is sick and hasn't been checked up by any doctor in 15 years. Chris and Nick goes there by a car, the man turns out to have lockjaw. Tom and Gerry pics them up with the nomad. DJ decides to go with his father back to Greece, they have a big goodbye party.

137. The Climber
Davids two mates comes to visit him. They gets food poisoned by som expensive caviar. The woman is pregnant but the baby dies. The man and David are climbing in the montains when he becomes sick - Tom goes there to help them. Clare joins the show in this episode.

138. Dead Reckoning
A guy who put his plane down in Coopers Crossing has typhoid fever, but leaves before they tells him. He's going to get some man who has stolen lots of money and are trying to leave the country. Kate, Geoff, Gerry and some patient becomes hostage but everything turns out good.

139. A Bride To Be
A man has sent a telegram to a girl who he hasn't seen for 20 years. She becomes happy. Lots of things happens but in the end of the episode they get married.

140. A Place For The Night
Kate, Geoff and Gerry has picked up a patient in a wheelchaire. Something gets wrong with the nomad so they have to go down in the middle of the outback and finds an old farm with strange people. They have to spend their night there. When the nomad is fixed they goes home again. Suddenly the girl can walk again. When Geoff and Chris goes out to the strange farm again is the family gone - they are ghosts!!!!