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"Father Jacko" comes back to Coopers Crossing for a christening. It turns out that he's got leprous. Everyone except the "maincharacters" won't go near him. Especially Sams brother Steve. Jacko starts to having doubts about his belif.

112. All that Glitters
A rich man who then turns out to be poor gets shoot. Jack blaims Luke, but then they finds out that it was suicide. Jack gets very impopular.

113. Fly Past
Tom returns to Coopers Crossing as a farmer. He feeling down and sick after a hard time in Eitrea in Africa. Chris gets real suprised to see him. Tom isn't like he use to be and he has hurt his leg. When David flies him in his plane he (David) gets biten by a wasp and he's alergic to it. Tom has to take the plan down himself with some help from Chris. She also has to go up in a plane even if she hasn't been flying for a long time... Sam wasn't there...

114. The Last Rodeo
A young girl called Kathy runs away with her "rodeocrazy" father. She's a diabethic. Everyone starts to look for her, Tom too. In the end of this episode Tom asks Chris for an application form. He wants to start work as a doctor in Coopers Crossing again. Chris gets happy.

115. Sky Below, Earth Above
A young girl falls down in a mine-hole. Tom, David and some others tries to get her up from it and succes in the end.

116. Lucky Lady
Emma and Nick finds a confused man out in the bush. They takes him to the hospital. He has been out in the bush to look the place where his old "warmates" and the plan "Lucky Lady" crashed down and was buried - he wants to be there too.

117. The Chips Are Down
Nick and his father crash their car into a bus. People dies! Nick's father Jim turns out to have cancer in his brain. Tom gets to little sleep and becomes a bit yawnie. Kate is back in the show.

118. Guardian Angel
An old man called Karl who lives in the middle of the outback wants Chris (who he calls "Christine girl") to bring his paintingcolors to him. A guy gets rabies, after his death they founds his girl out in the outback.

119. Battlers
A man buys a wife from the Philipines. The man is crazy and force Nick to work even if his ribs are broken. Everything is ok in the end. Debbie is in this episode.

120. No Tears
An old man called Ben who is working for Baxter is going blinde - he gets fired by Baxter and then he comits suicide. A camel dies too. Everyone blaims everything on Baxter who also have his cheif from USA there. Baxter reads a poem on the old mans funeral. Debbie is flying the plane in this episode.