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All FD Episodes that was ever made! A short description of them!


1.Will To Survive
Someone has been drinking to much- trouble with his stummic. It´s Tom Callaghans birthday. Chris Randall join the serie, the first thing she has to do is to remove Jim Spencers leg.

2.Trial By Gossip Jim Spencer and George Baxter will take Chris to court becouse she removed Jims leg. David Gibson (Gibbo- the pilot) begins, Chris has nightmares.

3.Hot Enough For You
The Robinsson family has droven lost, theire child dies. Gibbo and Sharon hide Gibbos dog for Vic at the hotel.

4.Dreams Of Sand
Ron doesn´t got enough money to buy the garage. An old man doesn´t want to get ok, an he doesn´t want live at a house for older people.

5. Public Property
Joylene and Clive get married (doesn´t Bruce). Chris and Tom went for a swim. Theres a "run boat" race in Coopers Crossing.

6. Is Nothing Sacred
Someone comes to coopers Crossing to help the Aborigines.

7. Square Pegs
Hugh Pitts mum dies. Someone is stealing medecines as drugs.

8. Sins Of The Fathers
A surrogant mum wants her child who the real mother also wants. Ron gets hurt by a "bang". The "funny clohes" party. Chris and Tom is kissing.

9. Rally To The Cause
Emma join the serie. It´s a race in town. Chris´s meeting a french guy- Tom DOESN`T like it. The end is good.

10.Talk of the town
Chris and Tom is now together and takes a bath naked in a lake together, and soon will the whole town know about it. Violet gets diabethic. Hurtel leaves the garage and Emma takes his place.

11.Do you read me.
A girl called Marije Cook (actress; Taya Straton) is in Coopers Crossing with her mother Linda. She's got a boyfriend called Max ( I think his real name is Lionel). Marjie asks Chris to prescribe some P-piller for her, wich she does. Marjie's mother Linda doesn't like it very much. Marjie and Max runs away from Linda. They drives off the road but survives. Marjie turns out to be pregnant. Linda accepts both Max and the baby in the end of this episode!! Ron doesn´t like Emmas way to run the garage.

12.E.T-New girl in town.
Tom and Gibbo finds a girl (Amanda) out in the Outback and takes care of her.

13.A choice of enemies.
A man on a bike dies and a young boy gets burned. Chris f.d boyfriend comes to Coopers Crossing which Tom doesn´t like at all.

Sharon leaves the serie for Sidney, she is going to studie there. Someone is drinking in periods- problems.

15.A lost generation.
Violet´s granddoughter has found Violet. Both Ron and Gibbo wants her. It´s a "remembering party" for the war soldats.

16.Someone special.
Both Tom and Ron leaves the serie. Tom goes to Africa as a doctor and Ron leaves the town for another job.

17.Return of the hero.
Geoff joins the RFDS after Tom. A gay named Les dies in AIDS.

18.Eye of the beholder .

19.Like a death in the family.
Nancy gets canser but she decide to operate. The operation goes fine. Sharon comes and visits.

20.Million-Acre Prison.
A boy dies and his mother is drinking and trying to take her own life. Geoff gets a good offer about a job, but decides to stay in Coopers Crossing.

21.Fearless Frank
Gibbo takes some time off and Fearless Frank takes his place as RFDS´s pilot. Chris is crying out infront of Geoff, she´s missing Tom. Sharon takes her old job back and sais that she will continue her aducation later.

22. Forgiveness
George Baxter and Kate are together, they´re fighting and finally breking up. Kate has found out that George had another girl all the time when he was together with Kate. Geoff is helping someone who has a dangerous friend around her house.

Someone drives her car and crasch it, Geoff start to like her. She´s a teacher with cacer and remains Geoff of his old wife who died in cacer.

24. The show go on
It comes a teathre to Coopers Crossing. Joe and Vic join it. Joe leaves the serie for the teathre.

25.To the rescue (part 1)
Two boys steal sleepingpills from the RFDS and tries to hurt Kate, but two old ladies protect her with guns. Violet, Emma, Sharon and Chris are prepearing for the ”miss Coopers Crossing” bale.

26.Into the future
Emma wins the ”miss competition”. Gibbo dies in a flying accident, Everyone becomes sad. Debbie takes his place as a pilot until they has found anotherone.

27.Good day for it
Sam join the serie as the new pilot. Hurtle is back!! A young girl gets a baby, the family pretends that the child is her mothers.

28.Horses for courses
Rodeo and lasso game. Kate, Sam and more people are with in it. Carole Brett is a well known rodeorider who got dyslexi, she doesn´t wanna talk about it but Chris helps her out. Emma learns to ride.

29.The unluckiest boy in town
A gang of teenagers is ”fighting” around in the town. Something is going on between Geoff and Kate. Sam want Emma to be with him in the stable. DJ makes a disco for the teenagers. A family got an old diseas in their family from generation to generation.

30. It isn´t Cricket
A rich man (named Nigel)with cancer in his eye comes to Coopers Crossing . A cricketgame between Coopers Crossing and Windoona.

31.An only child
Three reporters comes to Coopers Crossing (a mum, girl and the mums new man). The parents falls down from a mountain and dies. The doughter who´s now all alone can stay with Chris. Chris cares about the girl, who´s name is Zoe)

32.A love story
A couple gets married. Zoe stays in Chris house. Geoff falls into the water when he´s talking to Kate.

33.Keeping up Appearances
A couple get strickened by a employed, Chris is trying to help the woman (Chris thinks it´s the husband who hits his wife) Chris and Zoe is fighting- but makes friends again.

34. All things bright and beautiful
Two fellows from town are shooting kangaros. Kate finds a hurted ”Kangaroobaby” and takes care of it. The guys even shoot ”Father Jacko”- but he makes it. Chris try to get Zoe to meet her real father.

35.My name is Sky
A gang of ”Hippies” comes to town. zoe talks to her father and Chris got a patient which she hates- he dies. Geoff goes to Sidney but miss the Outback.

36. Bachelors and spinsters
It´s a single night in Coopers Crossing. Zoe likes a boy who´s name is Glen, but he likes Chris. Violet becomes an old grandmother.

37.Fiftytwo hours straight
Sam breaks two of his ribs when ”the Cochrane brother´s” car explows. Sam, Emma and Geoff are stuck in the nomad out in the outback.

38. A friend of a friend
A ”madman” comes to town. Emma and Sam visits Sams parents. Emma and Sam gets together- and break up again.

39. Friends and Lovers
Chris and Zoe goes to town to meet Zoe´s dad. The guys in town is fishing eel. Sam and Emma is figthing.

40.Realms of Gold
A man with a map dies. The map says that it´s gold outside Coopers Crossing- everyone goes crazy. Zoe and her father is figthing

41.The Hometown hero.
A pilot faints and his brother who doesn´t know how to fly has to take the plane down with Sam´s help on the radio (this happens twice). Zoe and her father finallymake friends. Chris and Zoe´s father kiss each other- but they both thought it felt wrong. Geoff and Kate kiss each other a evening at the clinic.

42. A distant echo.
Violet wants to die when she finds out that her grandfathers father killed a lots of aborigines. Kate and Geoff ignore each other.

43. No laughing matter.
The Cochrane brothers are in town. Theire mother almost dies and her son´s catch her money and gold....... Zoe moves with her father to Sidney. At first Chris don´t seems to care to much, but when she gets home again she finds a botle of jam and a wrapped and framed picture of Chris and Zoe. And Chris starts to cry...

44.No quarter asked.
Kate´s friend Jessie gets back after been away for five years. Emma and Sam decides that they shall get married.

45.Myths and legends.
Chris takes flying lessons to get something else than her lonleyness to think about. Old Hughi is back and makes everyone favours but then he dies.

46.The hitch-hiker
Violet leaves for a vacation. Sam and Emma make plans for their marrige- Violet too. Chris father comes to visit her. Someone hurts her eye- geoff takes care of her.

47.Give a dog a bad name.
A carnival comes to Coopers Crossing and people get killed. The murderer seems to be a boy from the carnival. Chris father starts to be in the way for Chris and the others.

48.Every day a gift.
Chris father (William)´s girlfriend arrives to Coopers Crossing. George Baxter wants to buy a farm- but his bid is to small. Finally he bides more and can buy the farm.

49.Bearing gifts.
An old lady sells/gives away hen´s with ”sarmonella”. She gave one to Chris- but she couldn´t kill it so she had it as a domestic animal (good for her). DJ and his friends from Greece opens a resturang. Violet was on Bali and Emma in Sindney, it´s a big party when they come home.

50.Repeat Performance
Sam and Emma gets married. Chris misses the whole wedding when she´s stuck on a farm in the outback with a sick child and the mother. They has to go 2,5 miles in a terrible wheather. But the girl survives and Chris breaks down after it. Geoff comforts her.

51.The noble art
A boxing game ”comes to town”. Kate likes one of them. Emma and Sam wants Kates house. Kate DOESN´T like it, she blames Geoff and Chris.

Chris, Kate and Debbie (stands in for Sam) fly´s out to a farm where a woman has poisoned her justmarried brother. Kate don´t know where to live (she doesn´t wanna live together with a justmarried couple like Sam and Emma). Nancy and Violet opens theire own ”Bistro” (it´s a resturang part of the pub).

53.Cries from the heart
A young girl lose her way out in the outback. Jack blames himself. They finds her.

54.All in a days work
It´s a real tuff day at the clinic. The Inspector from RFDS is there... Chris sprains her foot, Geoff gets wryneck. Sam and Emma is fighting and Kate soon can´t stand to live with them anymore.

55. Out of clear blue sky
A drunk dies. A fellow named Marty join the serie, he takes a job at Emma´s garage. Jack gets out his devorse from his wife who he hasn´t seen for many years.

56.Affirmative Action
A girl takes part in a camel/horse race on her camel and she wins it!! Kate finally desides to move in with Chris.

57.Figures in a landscape
An artist comes to Coopers Crossing, he´s ill. Jack want´s to marry Chris, but Chris doesn´t. Geoffs old girlfriend ”Marcia” who calls him ”GG darling” comes to visit him in ”Crossing”. Kate and Chris wanna know what GG stands for.

58.The devil you know
George Baxter´s boss (Kimberly) comes to visit him. She´s NOT pleased with George´s work. She takes drugs and Chris helps her to get clean., they becomes great friends. Then Kimberly calls Chris in the middle of the night and tells her that she has become”vice VD”

59.Operating solo
Geoff hurts his leg, he and Kate fly´s to Brooken Hill to fix it. They have to share a hotel room... Chris has to make a difficult operation all by herself. She likes the patient.

60.The path of true love
Chris ”patient” talks about Chrisés beautiful eyes. A chaterbus overturnes in a river. One of the passenger´s has to go to the hospitel (bloodpoisoning), she talks about her Robert.

61. The Kid
Mike (Chris fd patient) really likes Chris. Mike takes Chris with him on a picknic. Kate likes it, and tease her. It´s a ”dog game” and a young bloke (Andy) comes to Coopers Crossing.

62. The First Step
Mike is still really keen on Chris. A paralyzed girl will end her life. Kate and Chris tell her that she can live with them in their house. She´s fine again after a tour on Sam´s horse.

63. Hopscotch
Mike and Chris stucks together. A broken family comes to Coopers Crossing and cheats everyone.

64. Jacks High
Some noisy sheep cutters comes to Coopers Crossing. Someone shoots Jack. Soula leaves for studing Echonomi. Violet decides that she will move to London together with her grandchild and her son Henry.

65.Clapped Out
Violet ”goodbyeparty”... Chris is in love with Mike. Two old men ”runs away” from the ”old people´s home”.

66. Private Lives Public Faces
Mike tells Chris that he´s married and is a father. It´s a fly show in Coopers Crossing. Violet leaves for London (for one year) and Maggie takes her place.

67. Wedlock
DJ arrange a surf competition. Chris doesn´t know what to do with Mike, Kate is trying to help her. Maggie tells everyone gossip about a married couple who are going to devorce.

68. The Wrangler´s Daughter
Chris and Mike are going to leave the town for a weekend together, but Mike leaves Chris for his children in Sidney. A man with a retarded girl (Amy) gets biten by a snake and the girl just disappear, but jack´s replacer larry O´Connor finds her. Vic opens the pubs backside (the outdoor part).

69. Borrowed time
Sam´s ”natur fighter” friend crash his plane and dies. Sam gets sad... Emma is pregnant. Kate tries to cheer Chris up, Chris is pretty down because Mike doesn´t come and visit her when he promised.

70. The Forbidden

71. She´ll be right
Hurtle comes and visits, he brings a stolen blue Rolls Roys. Paula Patterson join the serie as ”X-ray doc”, and she´s Sam´s sister. Jack is back and Chris is sad because Mike leaves her for his wife and children in France.

72. One Final Request
Mike gives his aeroplane (the Tigermouth) to Chris without meeting her. Kate and Geoff spend some time with a dieing old lady- who dies later. Hurtle and Vic has to go to court about that Rolls Roys, the police (Larry O´Connor) thinks that they have stolen it. Hurtle leaves again and Larry O´Connor too.

73. Roxanne
Roxy kidnaps Emma and later Chris too (she needs a doc to examine her hurted ”friend”). They have to stay with the ”sick” and drug taking girl the hole night. Sam and Jack finds them the next day.

74. Don´t Tell Anybody
Everybody except Chris, Emma, Maggie and someone more leaves town for some kind of a ”campschool”. Emma, Chris and the other are at the pub when some drunks comes and visit. The girls has to sleep in the pub because the drunks are outside.

75. No Way Back
Emma loses her baby (miscarriage). Emma and Sam´s friend Ann sells her farm (caused by George Baxter). Sam buy´s it. The dog ”Jeddah” comes with the house”. Chris takes her first flight with a passenger (Geoff), he doesn´t like it too much.... Paula is in love with Geoff

76. Johnnie Come Home
Baxter wants to buy Emma and Sam´s farm, they don´t let him. A boy with a kidney problem find his twinbrother in the last second, so he can have his brothers kidney.

77. Look, Up In The Sky
Kate and Geoff drives til they´re lost, then they wheel brokes down. (caused by Geoff). Some people in a airballon come to Coopers Crossing. There´s a ballon race between Kate and Geoff. Paula does anything for Geoff....

78. Preacher Man
Some christen people comes to town to have their meeting there. A Lady in a weelchaire can walk again after being heeled. Paula nearly joins theire group. Maggie got some problem with the stress.

79. The Fear (part 1)
Kimberly comes to Coopers Crossing to visit Chris she got her ”trouble son” with her. Paula likes DJ insted of Geoff.

80. The Fear (part 2)
Kimberly´s son makes up with his fear of going outside. DJ has started to lose his hair.

81. Fair Go
A new postpilot comes to town. He takes lots of money for everything and noone likes him. Kimberly gave Chris and Jack some money to build a sprthall with before she left. Baxter tries to stop them.

82. Broken Airwaves
Everyone treet Kate as a slave and she doesn´t like it so she just runs away to a rodeo. But she falls of her horse Toby on the road and breaks her neck. Everyone are worried about her and miss her. Finally they founds her. Chris and Jack really wanna build their sport hall.

83. Bed And Board
Kate´s neck is pretty ok by now, but they (Chris and Kate) tells Geoff that the neck still hurts alot because he wants Kate to go out and run with him. Maggies f.d boyfriend as she hasn´t seen in 30 years comes to Coopers Crossing and Sam and Emma gives him a job. Noone want to help Chris and Jack to build the sporthouse.

84. Breaking The Drought
There are NO rein!! Emma and Sam are close to broken and ruined when the rain finally comes in the end of this episode. Dougies cousine got som trouble with his bowels and Chris and Sam have to operate out in the outback. Marty should look after the pub when Vic is visiting Nancy who´s at her sick sister. Marty and Paula seems to like each other...

85. Family Secrets (part 1)
Geoff´s brother comes and visits, Geoff does NOT like it. The broter build the rest of hte sporthall with Vic´s money! Chris and Jack are happy! Kimberly wanna know how they´re doing with the sporthall building.

86. Family Secrets (part 2)
Geoff´s brother tries to rape Kate and really scares her up. She goes crying to Chris. Chris blame Geoff for everything. Geoff´s brother leaves Coopers Crossing. Kate leaves too. She wants a holiday from Geoff who in the episodes end tells Kate that he loves her.

87. All You Need Is Luck
Penny is the temporary nurse when Kate is gone. Everybody axcept from Paula doesn´t like Penny. Especially Maggie, she hates her. Maggie got some problems and takes a vacasion at Emma and sam´s farm. Geoff has bought his brother car ”The Beast” and he drives like a mad.

88. The Silly Season
Chris doesn´t seems to be ok. Two guy´s sees a UFO, somebody belives them and somebody´s not. Geoff misses Kate. Emma is worried about Maggie and there´re a big bad weather.

89. Every Situation
Baxter takes care about two young criminals who nearly takes his life and then save him. Maggie doesn´t wanna speak about her son to Emma and Sam. Chris doesn´t feel so good, she´s worried, got headdake, bleed in her nose (noseblood) and got high blood presion, at the end she lets Geoff examine her.

90. The Storyteller
Chris got cancer but wants to take medicine instead of operation, her eyes becomes bad and Chris is frightened. Before that are Chris and Jack at ”Dougies dance”. Marty steeles Geoffs engine to beat the record in puting all the oarts together, he wanna be in ”Ginuess Recordbook”.

91. The Choice
Kate gets back, but want to leave the hospital and town forever. She wants to swop jobs with Penny. Everyone have missed Kate. Chris is stucked on a farm where a plane has crashed and a woman has died. Kate´s going to pack some things like clothes for Chris who´s going to Sydney directly from the farm- she´s going to operate away her cancer. So she doesn´t got the time to meet Kate befor she leaves. Kate promise Chris to stay in Coopers Crossing till Chris gets back.

92. A Shade Of Doubt
A man with an asian doughter comes to Coopers Crossing by an airplane. The old man got tyfus and Marty likes the doughter, Paula doesn´t like that. Chris is in Sidney. Emma wants to learn how to fly a plane- but Sam sais no. Emma sais: no flying lessons- no sex... sam goes "CRAZY".

93. Mick And Julia
An older couple (Mick and Julia) comes to CC. Mick dies after sprinterrace at 20 km. Chris gets back from Sidney in the beginning of the episode. After a while she tells Geoff and Kate that she has some kind of cancer which leads to the end even if you get an operation. They will try with medicine. Kate DOESN`T like this answer of the question of how Chris is. She blames Geoff. Sam finally agrees with Emma about to take flying lessons, so they makes friends again. Chris wants to work, but Geoff and Kate are worried about her. She (Chris) tells Jack and he promise to shut up about it. The episode en with that Geoff tells Kate that Chris will be needing her friends now. Kate tells him that thats the only reason why she stays in CC.

94. The Deal
Jack lets Chris down by talking to others about her illness. Chris DOESN`T like that. In the end of this episode Chris brings all the "Hospital people"(Kate, Geoff, Sam and DJ + Emma)to her home and tells them about her cancer. Everyone is crying, especially Emma. Geoff has to tell them because Chris is not up to it- he´s also crying.

95. A Thing Of Beauty
Chris misses her flying. Paula´s going to have a fashion show which Kate, Geoff, DJ, Emma, Marty and Emmas friend Fletch are parts of. Fletch is an anorektiker, but she doesn´t wan to admit it. Kate and Geoff sais that they´re just friend for Chris´s sake.

96. Cadenza
A "classic child consert" comes to town. Baxter´s going to have the consert at his home with his political friends. He has just invited Chris and Geoff from the town. Everyone is angry at him- but the children decides to have a concert for the people of the town too. Finally they decides to invite Geoff and Chris too. Kate is angry...

97. Mates
Chris doesn´t takes her medicine, Kate and Sam tells her that she can take a flight in her red Tiger Mauth. Luke Mitchell comes to town. Vic misses Nance and Nancy needs 100 000 for her sisters operation. Baxter is mean as usual.

98. The Child
A really religious man comes to the hospital with her pregnant doughter. She gives birth to her son and the religious man thinks that the baby is "Jesus 2". Everyone thinks that the man is insane. Chris is afraind of death. Jack is worried about her. In the end of this episode she gets trouble to breeth. Something´s wrong with her heart. Geoff sais that she has to go to Sidney for an operation. Kate want to go with her, but Chris brings Jack insted.

99. Next To Go
Chris goes to Sidney for her operation after hugs and kisses from all her worried friends, especially Kate and Geoff. She meets a small boy (Jamie) who "is closest to the nurse". He dies during his operation. Chris makes it, and her operation goes fine. Kate doesn´t like all the waiting (10 days) till she will know if Chris will be ok. Jack is really worried. Marty wins the race at home in Coopers Crossing with his motorbike Madam X.

100. Gotta Have Friends
Geoff meets a new friend ( a donkie). Chris is better. Maggis best friend Josie comes to CC. Maggie, the donkie and Josie decide to drive a ranch together. Paula wants to move in with Kate now when Chris is gone. Marty wants to see him and Paula as a couple. Geoff asks Kate to marry him and wants Kate to move in to his house.

101. The Gift
Emma picks Chris and Jack up in Sidney. Chris has cut her hair off. They're singing in the car until they meets another car which they can't see in all the road dust. The other car turns around and the people in it gets serious hurt.

Kate and Geoff are at the clinic tour and have to sleep over the night there and by the time Paula demands to stay with Chris in her house when Kate is gone. She says that it's just for one night and that she will give Chris hot milk on Chris's bed. Finally Chris agrees to Paula's demands. The episode ends with that Kate says yes to Geoff's propose.

102. Second Chance
Emma is stuck with her arm under a big truck in a river and the water rises. The only "help" she got is Paula. Her choice is to amputate her arm or to die. Geoff and David comes to amputate her arm. But in the last second is Baxter there with his truck and can remove the other truck. It's "the Outback dance" in the end of this episode and Sam is still not back.

A child is sick in pneumonia- she has to be taken in to the hospital which she refuses without her sister who finally can join her. Chris is the only one who knows about Kate's and Geoff's wedding- they plans to go away on a trip and get married in secret. David nearly has to get married against his mind. The sick girls family is a real pain. Emma talks out with Chris about that Sam who's never at home with her.

104. The Adventure
Paula is planning to become a model and goes with two girls, Luke and a strange man out in the outback- Luke breaks his leg. Kate and Geoff goes away on their secretly wedding trip, they goes to a place which Chris has recommended to them. But it turns out to be a really bad plays…

105. No Man's Land
Kate and Geoff comes home again. Everybody are angry at them because they didn't got married in Coopers Crossing, then they finds out that they are still unmarried… Sam comes home again. Paula wants to move in with Chris, she even moves out Kate's things and furniture and puts everything outside Geoff's house. Chris and Tom are on a strange farm where it lives an woman and her two grown up daughters who got really big problems…

Some Japanese wants to buy a farm to have a tourist farm on. The owner DON'T want that to happen, they really don't like Japanese.

107. Man And Boy
A terrible thunderstorm is in Coopers Crossing, the flash struck down in a 11 years old orphan boy (Ricky) who lives with his grandfather. Kate, David and Sam goes there with the nomad. Kate want to take away the boys pain by letting him die but David struggles on and against all odds can he make the boy ok again.

108. The Longing
Geoff and Kate finally got married in this episode- over the radio!! DJ come up with the radio idea when Geoff had to go on a emergency call on his stag party. Because DJ find out the "smart" idea about the radio, he says that Chris has to tell Kate who doesn't like the idea so much at first but then she agrees to it. And they can finally get married..

109. Bitter Harvest
Someone has thrown chemicals in a families water- they goes poisoned and crazy. Chris helps them. Kate and Geoff gets back from their honeymoon.

110 The Instrument

David, Kate and Paula goes out to a "miner station". Someone out there takes drugs. Kate doesn't like it there and she misses Geoff. Geoff is at home and MISSES Kate. Paula falls in love with the drug taker.

"Father Jacko" comes back to Coopers Crossing for a christening. It turns out that he's got leprous. Everyone except the "maincharacters" won't go near him. Especially Sams brother Steve. Jacko starts to having doubts about his belif.

112. All that Glitters
A rich man who then turns out to be poor gets shoot. Jack blaims Luke, but then they finds out that it was suicide. Jack gets very impopular.

113. Fly Past
Tom returns to Coopers Crossing as a farmer. He feeling down and sick after a hard time in Eitrea in Africa. Chris gets real suprised to see him. Tom isn't like he use to be and he has hurt his leg. When David flies him in his plane he (David) gets biten by a wasp and he's alergic to it. Tom has to take the plan down himself with some help from Chris. She also has to go up in a plane even if she hasn't been flying for a long time... Sam wasn't there...

114. The Last Rodeo
A young girl called Kathy runs away with her "rodeocrazy" father. She's a diabethic. Everyone starts to look for her, Tom too. In the end of this episode Tom asks Chris for an application form. He wants to start work as a doctor in Coopers Crossing again. Chris gets happy.

115. Sky Below, Earth Above
A young girl falls down in a mine-hole. Tom, David and some others tries to get her up from it and succes in the end.

116. Lucky Lady
Emma and Nick finds a confused man out in the bush. They takes him to the hospital. He has been out in the bush to look the place where his old "warmates" and the plan "Lucky Lady" crashed down and was buried - he wants to be there too.

117. The Chips Are Down
Nick and his father crash their car into a bus. People dies! Nick's father Jim turns out to have cancer in his brain. Tom gets to little sleep and becomes a bit yawnie. Kate is back in the show.

118. Guardian Angel
An old man called Karl who lives in the middle of the outback wants Chris (who he calls "Christine girl") to bring his paintingcolors to him. A guy gets rabies, after his death they founds his girl out in the outback.

119. Battlers
A man buys a wife from the Philipines. The man is crazy and force Nick to work even if his ribs are broken. Everything is ok in the end. Debbie is in this episode.

120. No Tears
An old man called Ben who is working for Baxter is going blinde - he gets fired by Baxter and then he comits suicide. A camel dies too. Everyone blaims everything on Baxter who also have his cheif from USA there. Baxter reads a poem on the old mans funeral. Debbie is flying the plane in this episode.

121. A Doctor's Dreaming
Geoff, Kate, Emma, David and Debbie (against her will) goes out to an Aborgins meeting place to have the clinicround there. David flies home with Debbie and some people who have pneumonia. Geoff gets problems and is close to die, he's going to operate himself but he "faints". Kate has to operate - she gets pannic but manage and saves Geoff's life.

122. Blues for Judy
Emma's cusin Judy travels to her idol to give birth to her baby. The child is born in the car on their way there - She leaves the baby outside Emma's door, but Emma is in town to fix Baxters car. Everything gets a good ending. Judy wants the baby who Emma found when she got home in the next morning.

123. The Claim
Tom's mate Lorraine falls down from a bridge and dies. Her mate which she shared the farm with wants it, and so do the brother. Larraine's friend and brother has been married before... now, the brother wants Lorraine's friend Judith back.

124. A Rhyme For Reason
A lady called Pip is getting senile, she gives all her money away. Soon it turns out to be her son in law's fault.

125. Dad's Little Bloke
A young boy falles with his bike - he needs blood and they sees that the parants (the father) has the wrong bloodtype to be able to be father of the boy. He has propably been messed up with some other boy at the hospital but the parents decide to not make anything about it. Tom kisses Chris on her mounth. For a while they suspects that Tom is the father of the child. Kate and Geoff goes on a vacasion to Melboune to visit the opera.

126. A Sporting Life
A boy from Coopers Crossing is a star in a footballgame - on the way home from the celebrating at the pub the drunk father drives off the road and Geoff and Tom have to amputate his leg.

127. A Good Drop Of Red
Kate, Tom, two men and a pregnant woman crashes with a plane. The pilot dies. The woman gives birth to a baby who needs new blood. Help is finally there. Luke and the kid's father finds them. Nancy has to give blodd, she's got the right bloodtype - 0. Annie joins the show. This is Debbies last episode, she leaves because of some problems with her eyes.

128. The Hero
A new pilot called Gerry O'Neil joins the show, she first thing he does in the show is that he has to go to jail. A man with a braintumour (Felix) gets fired but gets his work back in the end. Kate and Chris really likes Gerry O'Neil. Geoff and Tom don't appreciate it at all...

129. Suspicion
Chris and Kate have had a tough day when they gets even one more emergency call at the way home. It's cop's and a prisoner. Chris belives that the cop's beats the prisoner and tries to help him - Then the prisoner turns out to be dangerous and he have many different characters inside him. He dies. Annie's great at billiards - she beats her date Gerry easy.

130. Daddy's Girl
Tom's f.d. girlfriend Megan and her father comes to Coopers Crossing in "business". The father dies when a oilfield explowes. Megan blaims Tom. Tom "cries out" with Kate. The episode ends with some moneygifts from Megan and she was the one supposed to look after the company's economy.

131. Two Sisters Running
Two young girls and their grandmother are driving to Broken Hill. The grandmother who suffers from cancer faints when she's driving and the car flies off the road. A bit later the grandmother dies and the girls moves in the end to their father.

132. Dangerous Games
An older man who is a friend of Nancy likes rodeo - he's going to ride on a bull - falls off and he turns out to have low cholesterol. Nancy falls down the stairs in the pub when she's fighting with Vic - she becomes paralysed. But a very good doctor in Sydney fixes it up.

133. Milk Run
A man gets a heartattac. Chris has apply for a post in Sydney and gets it but then she decides to turn the offers down. A woman falls and her son is stupid and can't call the base.

134. Point Of No Return
A girl who lives with her man and her parants is unhappy thanks to her mother. When Debbie flies the nomad with the woman back to Coopers Crossing, Debbie who earlier has smashed her head gets an concussion of her brain but David gets the nomad down.

135. Small Mercies
Tom goes to a homevisit with his brand new pickup. The boy he's visiting has asthma and his mother turns out to be sick. The radio doesn't work so Tom and the boy goes to the closest farm but they loses their way. Tom smash his head and gets an concussion of his brain. David and the boy's uncle finds them in the end.

136. A Painfull Extraction
DJ's father comes to visit from Greece. He wants DJ to go back to Greece with him, DJ don't. They goes out to a farm to fix a broken radio but they have to stay there because the car gets broken too. The man who lives there is sick and hasn't been checked up by any doctor in 15 years. Chris and Nick goes there by a car, the man turns out to have lockjaw. Tom and Gerry pics them up with the nomad. DJ decides to go with his father back to Greece, they have a big goodbye party.

137. The Climber
Davids two mates comes to visit him. They gets food poisoned by som expensive caviar. The woman is pregnant but the baby dies. The man and David are climbing in the montains when he becomes sick - Tom goes there to help them. Clare joins the show in this episode.

138. Dead Reckoning
A guy who put his plane down in Coopers Crossing has typhoid fever, but leaves before they tells him. He's going to get some man who has stolen lots of money and are trying to leave the country. Kate, Geoff, Gerry and some patient becomes hostage but everything turns out good.

139. A Bride To Be
A man has sent a telegram to a girl who he hasn't seen for 20 years. She becomes happy. Lots of things happens but in the end of the episode they get married.

140. A Place For The Night
Kate, Geoff and Gerry has picked up a patient in a wheelchaire. Something gets wrong with the nomad so they have to go down in the middle of the outback and finds an old farm with strange people. They have to spend their night there. When the nomad is fixed they goes home again. Suddenly the girl can walk again. When Geoff and Chris goes out to the strange farm again is the family gone - they are ghosts!!!!

141. End Of The Rainbow
A man belives that someone steels opals from his mine. He gets asthma and is allergic to some funguses in the mine. He finds out who has stolen the opals and goes to his mine to hit him. They fights so the mine falls with them and David (he's there with some others to stop the fight) inside. Everyone survives.

142. Double Vision
A girl who's name is Kim and her mother goes to Coopers Crossing. Kim falls in love with Tom and when he's going on the clinicround she hides in the cargo space in the front of the plane. She gets sick and then even more mental ill. She escapes but they finds her again. She and her mother goes back to Sidney.

143. The Boy In The Boat
A boy and his father goes to Coopers Crossing. They nearly crashes the car into Kate, Geoff and their car. Their car exploed but they survives. The father is dying and they have escaped from the mother in USA. The father dies and the mother lets the boy stay in Australia on a farm but she wents back to Australia.

144. Windows of the soul
A warveteran who walks around out in the bush with his dog falls and bumps his head into a stone. Then he needs a brainoperation. Someone shoots the dog, but it survives. His doughter turns up and he agrees to an operation.

145. Rest In Peace
Annie and Nick finds a car with two deadbodies in a dry river. It turns out to be a couple who has been disappeard for a long time. The son lives but is mental ill. Then they founds out that it was the mother and her lover who was in the car and the man that the mother killed befor she died was still on the farm.

146. Life Line
A girl has a false pregnancy- she gets nuts and takes her brothers child, but everything is good in the end. Chris father gets cancer and after a while Chris goes to visit him, then she decides to stay there! (with him till he dies...) Both Gerry and Chris leaves the show in this episode.

147. Fly like a bird
Johnno joins the show in this episode. A man with a cough has lots of doves. He turns out to be allergic to his doves. A boy he knows wants to become a pilot. Tha man promises to pay with money he's going to get as a damages from a mine where he has worked. But he doesn't get his money because he's allergic to the doves and not the mine. The boy steals Johnno's plane but gets some problems to take it down again. But everything turns out good. Everyone seems to have forgotten all about Chris... =(

148. A Day to remember
It's forest fires everywhere in Australia. A man and a woman gets problem when the fire reaches their house. David gets there in time, but the fire goes by . The woman falls down, there's something wrong with her heart. Geoff has burnt his hands so David has to operate all by himself, even if he has never performed a that kind of operation before - He makes it!!

149. A place to call home
A woman called Kerry gives birth to her child with just help from Nick. Something is strange about the mother, she turns out to have lots of stolen money and she's on the run..

150. Divided loyalties
Johnno's pilot friend and two passengers crashes and dies. The wife of Johnno's friend is pregnant. She's NOT happy about what has happened, Kate stays with her for some days.