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101. The Gift

Emma picks Chris and Jack up in Sidney. Chris has cut her hair off. They're singing in the car until they meets another car which they can't see in all the road dust. The other car turns around and the people in it gets serious hurt.

Kate and Geoff are at the clinic tour and have to sleep over the night there and by the time Paula demands to stay with Chris in her house when Kate is gone. She says that it's just for one night and that she will give Chris hot milk on Chris's bed. Finally Chris agrees to Paula's demands. The episode ends with that Kate says yes to Geoff's propose.

102. Second Chance

Emma is stuck with her arm under a big truck in a river and the water rises. The only "help" she got is Paula. Her choice is to amputate her arm or to die. Geoff and David comes to amputate her arm. But in the last second is Baxter there with his truck and can remove the other truck.

It's "the Outback dance" in the end of this episode and Sam is still not back.


A child is sick in pneumonia- she has to be taken in to the hospital which she refuses without her sister who finally can join her.

Chris is the only one who knows about Kate's and Geoff's wedding- they plans to go away on a trip and get married in secret.

David nearly has to get married against his mind. The sick girls family is a real pain. Emma talks out with Chris about that Sam who's never at home with her.

104. The Adventure

Paula is planning to become a model and goes with two girls, Luke and a strange man out in the outback- Luke breaks his leg.

Kate and Geoff goes away on their secretly wedding trip, they goes to a place which Chris has recommended to them. But it turns out to be a really bad plays…

105. No Man's Land

Kate and Geoff comes home again. Everybody are angry at them because they didn't got married in Coopers Crossing, then they finds out that they are still unmarried…

Sam comes home again.

Paula wants to move in with Chris, she even moves out Kate's things and furniture and puts everything outside Geoff's house. Chris and Tom are on a strange farm where it lives an woman and her two grown up daughters who got really big problems…


Some Japanese wants to buy a farm to have a tourist farm on. The owner DON'T want that to happen, they really don't like Japanese.

107. Man And Boy

A terrible thunderstorm is in Coopers Crossing, the flash struck down in a 11 years old orphan boy (Ricky) who lives with his grandfather. Kate, David and Sam goes there with the nomad. Kate want to take away the boys pain by letting him die but David struggles on and against all odds can he make the boy ok again.

108. The Longing

Geoff and Kate finally got married in this episode- over the radio!! DJ come up with the radio idea when Geoff had to go on a emergency call on his stag party. Because DJ find out the "smart" idea about the radio, he says that Chris has to tell Kate who doesn't like the idea so much at first but then she agrees to it.

And they can finally get married..

109. Bitter Harvest

Someone has thrown chemicals in a families water- they goes poisoned and crazy. Chris helps them. Kate and Geoff gets back from their honeymoon.

110 The Instrument

David, Kate and Paula goes out to a "miner station". Someone out there takes drugs. Kate doesn't like it there and she misses Geoff. Geoff is at home and MISSES Kate. Paula falls in love with the drug taker.