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91. The Choice

Kate gets back, but want to leave the hospital and town forever. She wants to swop jobs with Penny. Everyone have missed Kate. Chris is stucked on a farm where a plane has crashed and a woman has died. Kate´s going to pack some things like clothes for Chris who´s going to Sydney directly from the farm- she´s going to operate away her cancer. So she doesn´t got the time to meet Kate befor she leaves. Kate promise Chris to stay in Coopers Crossing till Chris gets back.


92. A Shade Of Doubt

A man with an asian doughter comes to Coopers Crossing by an airplane. The old man got tyfus and Marty likes the doughter, Paula doesn´t like that. Chris is in Sidney. Emma wants to learn how to fly a plane- but Sam sais no. Emma sais: no flying lessons- no sex... sam goes "CRAZY".


93. Mick And Julia

An older couple (Mick and Julia) comes to CC. Mick dies after sprinterrace at 20 km. Chris gets back from Sidney in the beginning of the episode. After a while she tells Geoff and Kate that she has some kind of cancer which leads to the end even if you get an operation. They will try with medicine. Kate DOESN`T like this answer of the question of how Chris is. She blames Geoff. Sam finally agrees with Emma about to take flying lessons, so they makes friends again. Chris wants to work, but Geoff and Kate are worried about her. She (Chris) tells Jack and he promise to shut up about it. The episode en with that Geoff tells Kate that Chris will be needing her friends now. Kate tells him that thats the only reason why she stays in CC.


94. The Deal

Jack lets Chris down by talking to others about her illness. Chris DOESN`T like that. In the end of this episode Chris brings all the "Hospital people"(Kate, Geoff, Sam and DJ + Emma)to her home and tells them about her cancer. Everyone is crying, especially Emma. Geoff has to tell them because Chris is not up to it- he´s also crying.


95. A Thing Of Beauty

Chris misses her flying. Paula´s going to have a fashion show which Kate, Geoff, DJ, Emma, Marty and Emmas friend Fletch are parts of. Fletch is an anorektiker, but she doesn´t wan to admit it. Kate and Geoff sais that they´re just friend for Chris´s sake.


96. Cadenza

A "classic child consert" comes to town. Baxter´s going to have the consert at his home with his political friends. He has just invited Chris and Geoff from the town. Everyone is angry at him- but the children decides to have a concert for the people of the town too. Finally they decides to invite Geoff and Chris too. Kate is angry...


97. Mates

Chris doesn´t takes her medicine, Kate and Sam tells her that she can take a flight in her red Tiger Mauth. Luke Mitchell comes to town. Vic misses Nance and Nancy needs 100 000 for her sisters operation. Baxter is mean as usual.


98. The Child

A really religious man comes to the hospital with her pregnant doughter. She gives birth to her son and the religious man thinks that the baby is "Jesus 2". Everyone thinks that the man is insane. Chris is afraind of death. Jack is worried about her. In the end of this episode she gets trouble to breeth. Something´s wrong with her heart. Geoff sais that she has to go to Sidney for an operation. Kate want to go with her, but Chris brings Jack insted.


99. Next To Go

Chris goes to Sidney for her operation after hugs and kisses from all her worried friends, especially Kate and Geoff. She meets a small boy (Jamie) who "is closest to the nurse". He dies during his operation. Chris makes it, and her operation goes fine. Kate doesn´t like all the waiting (10 days) till she will know if Chris will be ok. Jack is really worried. Marty wins the race at home in Coopers Crossing with his motorbike Madam X.


100. Gotta Have Friends

Geoff meets a new friend ( a donkie). Chris is better. Maggis best friend Josie comes to CC. Maggie, the donkie and Josie decide to drive a ranch together. Paula wants to move in with Kate now when Chris is gone. Marty wants to see him and Paula as a couple. Geoff asks Kate to marry him and wants Kate to move in to his house.