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With not much to do and plenty of time
I decided to put some words into rhyme
Some would think I'm a "softy" at heart
Others might say "You silly old f~~t".

To the family and friends who are treating me fine,
My love and respect goes right down the line,
Let's keep our chins up, a smile and a grin.
We beat it before ~ we shall do it again.
Yesterday's gone, that's in the past,
Just look at the future that will surely last.
Like the old dear who lived in a shoe
With so many kids, what did she do?
She asked around, got out and about, then~
Out came the scissors and off with his "Spout".

The point that I make that whatever we face,
With life's little problems in this human race,
There is always a pathway
Over these mountains we climb,
If we just walk to tomorrow

One Step at a Time

John D Hailes

This poem was written by a patient at the R.M.H.
He passed away just 3 months after writing this poem...