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For the Ice King

For the Ice King I serve,
And the green blood on which we live
I shall toil endlessly to uphold.
For this green miracle that is the
only true divinity I give my faith to.
The green heartbeat--the beat that throbs
stronger than any love, the heartbeat that
shall reach to the skies and shake down the
foundations of Heaven itself,
This I shall love more than life.
And the green river upon which the
ship of affluence sails, aye Captain, we will
defend that ship with our souls.

For the Ice King I shall raze a million homelands
For the Ice King I shall make poor a billion people
For the Ice King I shall bleed my life for the few
For the Ice King I shall destroy the world

And for the Ice King I throw away the Heart of Humanity,
for what use is that heart if no profit shall flow from it?