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Die Kitty

A kitty with a ball of lead lodged in the back
of its left eye socket crawled toward me.
A river of red ran behind it, its crimson striking
to my eye.

"You poor thing," I call to it.
Kitty does not answer. It only crawls as
a kitty with lead in its eye can, crimson behind it.

"Die Kitty," I say to it, shadow falling over
the thread that hung the kitty to this world.
"Why do you not die, Kitty? Won't you not join me?"

Kitty, being the kitty it is, crawls under the porch
Crimson behind it, the fire searing, the life burning.
So Kitty does not want to die,
If so then may the misery of the ball of lead
be the window to the horrible,
For the little ones whom you hold dear shall curse
you and be repulsed by the thing that the ball of lead
has transfigured you to be.

For you do not yet know the truth
That the ball of lead is only a tool to the
worshippers of the school of the Beast.
May you live and not live.