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My Links

Personal Links

Soot and Stars - ♥Rob's web page.

Beautiful Like....ME! Beautiful Like.....ME! - Lilly's Web page. Look at it!

My Wonderful World - Jeff's web page.

Hyperion's Lair - Shaun's web page.

] . . . I N . . . B L U E . . . [ - Nick's web page.

miriam's page - Miriam's web page.

The Moores - Ginger's web page.

Anders' (weemadando's) web page.


Yin - Yin's web page.

Mom's web page, for the Bataan-Corregidor Memorial Foundation of New Mexico.

Art for the Soul - Mary-Nicole's web page.

Dragonsworn - Free e-mail, book and game reviews, and more.

The Void - Des' web site.


- Intensity - The Charlie Haas Fanlisting.

GLBT Links

The Lesbian Avengers - Homepage for The Lesbian Avengers, an activist group for today's lesbians.

Out In Albuquerque! - Out In Albuquerque! is a local GLBT online community in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Wheel of Time Links

The Menagerie - By far the best Character List I have seen. Well organized and easy to follow. Careful, though, you could get stuck in there for hours.

Lews Therin Telamon's Wheel of Time Page. - Funny animated story GIFs. Prophecies, Theories, Archives, and Links.

Wotmania - Mostly merchandise. Daily poll, and message board.

The Wheel of Time Alliance WebRing - A Yahoo! based WebRing for The Wheel of Time.

Tower of Chasaline - a WoT RPG through Yahoo! Groups

verilon - my WoT RPG through Yahoo! Groups

Diplomacy Links

Redscape - Well, as long as I'm going to have my Diplomacy pages up, I may as well have Redscape up here. Forums, debates, games, etc.

Sci-Fi Links

- Forums; Sci-Fi; Star Wars vs. Star Trek, other stuff.