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Soon to come! Icons page!!


05.18.03 I edited my About Me page.

05.11.03 I added a link to the links page to the Charlie Haas fanlisting. Redid front page survey.

01.27.03 I changed the backgrounds for a couple of pages. Added poetry from myself and a few people on StarDestroyer.Net. Added a tag-board. I need to learn to make separate scroll boxes, but don't know how yet. I've been playing around with backgrounds and colors, and everything seems to be coming along nicely. Redid links page. Added a small amount to the Gor page. Nothing yet on the Tekken page. Wheel of Time pages should be up soon. I need to add to my About Me page some more.

01.12.03 Changed frontpage background, and edited backgrounds on various pages. Made new enter buttons. Added link to friends page to About Me page. Will be adding Gor page soon, and Tekken page still down. Need some links and such, but also going to make lots of new buttons.

11.29.02 Added new personal info to the Creator (About Me) page. Changed background of right frame on the opening page. Still need to do it to the rest of the pages. I also hope to get some WoT stuff done at some point. :\

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i love him