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Owned by: Patrick Briscoe, man of a million screen names.
This is: My web Page. It's getting redone. Again.
Just a bit crazy: Charlie Haas drives me crazy. The abs of a GOD.
Listening to:Cyndi Lauper | Time After Time
Wishing: I just had someone there for me.
Talking to: Lilly
Munching on: Ice cream sandwich.
Drinking: Nothing.
Feeling:My mood at
The Internet is feeling:The Net's mood at
Wearing: Blue StationCasino T-shirt, Black pinstriped T-Shirt, black @ pants, the necklace Junior gave to me, dragon ring (my guardian), Lilly's Pride necklace.
Doing: Reconfiguring web page. Redoing this survey. Surfing my web page. Checking LiveJournal.
Thinking: [singing Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" to myself"]
Quoting: I am femmydyke! I stand for all that is woan hood... and Home Deopt! Hear me roar! *meow* ~Miriam
Browsing: My web page. LiveJournal.
Shoutouts: Lilly, Yin, Charlie, Vickie, Kristin, Rob, Peter, Mary-Nicole, Lacey, Leslie
Time: 6:12 AM

Thank you for visiting my page. This was originally intended to be a Wheel of Time page, but has since changed into a great variety of things...

Things that are included: Wheel of Time, Diplomacy, Cartoon Dolls, Personal, Yahoo! Group verilon, and Tekken stuff (I may take out the Tekken stuff, but I dunno yet).

Currently: Everything is out of whack. This is version 6.1. o.O Go figure. I am completely reconstructing the site (again), and hopefully this time I won't be as bored with it as I was last time. I try to update it as much as possible, but sometimes it just doesn't happen anymore all the time. Lately, however, I have been working on this site like mad.

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