Site hosted by Build your free website today! Friends page...this is where I shall list (with inspiration from my good friend Lilly) all of my friends and why they are my friends...blahblahblah...all that good stuff...Now if you ARE a friend that just HAPPENS to see this page, this is my honest opinion about EVERYBODY, so don't get offended. ;)

Aaron. One of my best online friends. He's always willing to be there and listen. He may be in Michigan, but his heart extends ot every part of the globe that SD.Net touches. He's also known as Stormbringer over there.

Alana. I stayed with her for just over a month when I got kicked out of my house. She is really cool. I almost could have had the hot Spanish guy I stole from her line...Stupid Shanna screwed that up...And now she's in Santa Fe, which is cool, because she's with Billy.

Amanda. One of my former managers at Movies 8. Sometimes, I wonder if she really is a friend.

Amy [18]. Amy is one of my friends from high school in Roswell. How we got to know each other I have NO idea...but we're good friends. And that's cool. We go to UNM together. I need to take her over to Insomnia sometime...

Anders. A friend from Australia. He lives in Tasmania, and goes to school in Hobart. He's really fun to chat with, and is also an SD.Net netizen, as well as friends with Kristin. He is also known as WeeMadAndo.

Anna. One of my former co-workers. A very cool person to hang out with...if she's not pissed off at you, that is...Ahe has male issues. And she's a closet bi.

April #1. Another one of my managers. I thought I considered her a friend. Now I'm not so sure. A good Tekken buddy.

Branden. He was my second boyfriend. Except he wasn't. And nothing happened. But everybody at the Pulse knows what happened. But we're not going out anymore. And we didn't break up. Love ya anyways!

Colin #1. A friend from Stardestroyer. Minorly dyslexic. He's known as The Yosemite Bear, as he is very bearlike, and he is also ranked as the Mostly Harmless Nutcase.

Corey. One of my friends from HS and from Youth (when I went). Now a drinking buddy. ^_^ We definitely should hang out more often...! Now a co-director with Danelle for plays.

Cory. One of my friends from high school in Albuquerque. We go to UNM together. He can be really depressing sometimes. But he's cool anyways. Corset would be the word.

Danelle. My youth leader. Despite the fact that she's in a wheelchair, there is nothing that can stop her. Except red food dye... I spent Thanksgiving with her this year.

Drew. Somebody I kinda-sorta met in Roswell, but am getting to know in ABQ. Of all things, another gayboy. Apparently, I am NOT the most guy gay that I know...not that he is more guy than ME, know what I'm trying to say.

Jenn #1. Tutor at Upward Bound. Very outspoken and honest. Great qualities, don't lose them.

Jenn #2. Lori's lesbian. A very big-hearted person, as far as I can tell. One cool girl to hang out with.

Jenn #3 aka Pink. I called her that because I couldn't remember her name...and she owns my left man-boob...don't even ask...

Jennifer. One of my friends from Upward Bound. She is really cool, as well. We certainly do NOT hang out enough.

Jonah. The first person that I stayed with when I got kicked out of my house. Also the first person to get me high. Go you, Jonah! You turned me into a pothead! *laughs* But now he's transferring to Movies West. Not the *greatest* friend in the world, but I still consuider him a friend. Thanks for letting me stay at your place when I got kicked out.

Julie. My best friend in Roswell. I haven't seen or heard from her in forever! I hope she's all right...

Junior. Or George. Or Jorge Franco, Jr. My first boio. My first kiss. My first love. I wonder where we stand...Why did you have to go to South Dakota...!? To Wyoming? Are you ever coming back...!? I have e-mailed to write him a letter...

Katie. One of my former managers at work. Probably one of the coolest ones, if not so lenient. And I owe her a lunch. She is a great friend. I wish I saw her around more.

Kristin. Kristin is by far one of the coolest people I know on She was there to comfort me when I got depressed, and was even my alarm clock, once. :P She's also one of two people from online that I've talked to on the phone.

Kylie. Another fag hag of mine. She's really Drew's, but she can be mine, too. I think she's trying to set us up...but I don't want that.

Lavonia. Anyways, the fastest closer at work, ever!! She is really cool, both working with her and debating cute guys.

Lee. Danelle's husband. Also a very cool person. He helped me fix my computer. But he's a

Lilly-bod! Marika Rayne (aka Lilly or Lilli or Darker Desire) is one of my great friends. I own her left boob. Don't ask. Always cool to hang out with at Insomnia. Met her at Denny's one night..err....morning...We hang out a lot. I'm one of her special friends, too.

Lori. My first fag hag. I'm her special gayboy. I met her at work at Movies 8. I hang out with her ALL the time! She took me to the Pulse and Insomnia for the first time. And she's my first real friend. Now she's on drugs. And not so much of a friend.

Louie. Well.. he's Louie.. I'm sorry but it's the one thing I'd change about my life. I shouldn't have done that with you. No offense, but I should have waited...

MARCO!!! Marcus is really cool...sometimes...when he's not degrading me for being gay...yes, and he be the closet-gay, too. He just doesn't know it yet.

Michel'le. Shelle is one of my DJ friends. We chat quite frequently, and she is one person that has faith in me that I won't cut. *hugs* Thanks, Shelle!

Miriam! Patrick! Miriam! Patrick! Miriam is one of the cooler people I work with. I am also one of her special friends. I tend to have that effect on people. *innocent look* She and I were the first to smoke out of her first houka. Also, she took me to Birdland, where I was gonna get my first pipe. We talk. A lot. Also, she is my current best friend.

Moses. Alana's ex-boyfriend. The first one to get me really stoned.

Rudy. I worked with Rudy. He's cool. But he's a follower. Wise up, man! Life will suck if you don't take your life to YOUR advantage! Stop giving yourself up to others' wants!

Sacha. Sacha is so cool...I used to work with her, but we need to hang out more...

Samara. Samara is one of my LiveJournal friends that I am always in contact with. Every morning we IM each other. I think she'd be one of the online friends I'd love to meet up with most.

Sara. Yet another fag hag. She owns my right man-boob. Another thing that is just too hard to explain...

Sarah. She hates my "type." We are always at it when discussing guys. I told her she needs to learn to stop flaunting her boyfriend at me. It's not cool. Now they've broken up. She also shows me all the new underwear she buys. Why, I don't know, but I always happen to be at work the same day she went and bought underwear...I need to give her a call...

Shanna. SHORTY!!! I worked with her. She is pretty cool. Lavonia's "troll." Wish I could hang out with her more...Well, if she weren't on meth...And fuck her for screwing up that thing with the hot guy. The odds of me seeing him again are now nil.

Shantell. A cool person from work. She "introduced" me to Justin. She is one of the sweetest people I know. I hope you never change--I like you just the way you are.

Tremor. One word: six-pac. Veeeeeeeeeery nice. I got over him not being bi/gay, though. Still a good friend.

Vickie. Also known as Kelly Antilles on StarDestroyer. Probably one of my best online friends. Special hugs to her all the time. She needs them.