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About Howard L. Moreland,
President & CEO of KwikDyme...

I'm Howard L. Moreland, the President and Chief Executive Officer of KwikDyme, LLC, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

At just 39 years of age, I've done quite a lot in not just one but several business arenas.

I began at the mere age of 19 offering a body building booklet by mail order; and succeeded in making over $130,000 my very first year starting from scratch.

At just 23, back in 1988, I made $1,652,832.56 in revenue sales in just under 9 consecutive months selling mail order books. By 26 I had started a financial consulting firm that resulted in my making $11,000 my very first week in this new enterprise.

And now I'm on my way to conquering the Internet.

In the latter half of 2002, I joined forces with successful young entrepreneur Christopher Kepler of Reno, Nevada; who now heads as CEO our corporate online presence (KwikDyme, Inc.)

Chris originally enrolled at UCLA and later graduated from the University of California at San Diego in Visual Arts. Kepler owns and operates several corporations, including a Payday Loan Company as well as an Online Discount Pharmacy. Click here to visit!

Together, Chris and I run the joint-KwikDyme Company, and have created the very first all-in-one online discount advertising and business service SuperCenter.

Our eSuperStore enables you access to the very BEST products, services and tools your business needs in order to be far more successful than otherwise; plus, allows you to offer every-thing we have to others similarly interested, and earn deep, deep profits along the way.

Both Chris and I invite you to join our KwikDyme online family today; and start taking advantage of everything we've provided you.

Howard L. Moreland

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