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Welcome to "SterlingDen" Belgian Shepherds

~~~~~~~ Breeding your Champion Family Companion ~~~~~~~

  • World class pedigrees and sound characters, established since 1981.
  • Both the red and rarer silver Tervurens, and occasional black Groenendaels.

Thank you for visiting "SterlingDen" Belgians.....

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We are one of the most established Belgian breeders in North America, having loved this breed since 1981.

By now we have attained a certain "look" to our homebred Belgians, making them idenifiable to the discerning eye as "SterlingDen" quality Belgian Shepherds, with their elegance, class and stunning type.

Having attained many titles and championships over the years in the show ring and working rings, we have the experience to idenify what it is "you" the puppy owner desires in their future Belgian.

,BR. To this end we pay very carefull attention to what our puppy people tell us their individual wants are in a Belgian, and selectively help choose the individual puppy that best suits their home enviroment. Whether this be for top show quality, competive obedience, or steady reliable family companionship.

Please enjoy our picture galleries, poems etc., and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

We are located on 102 gorgeous acres of waterfront property on Rice Lake, by Bailieboro Ontario,Canada also enjoying our show and pleasure horses of rarer quality.

All inquiries as a courtesy are promptly replied to. Contact us or or call 705 939 1999 .

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Silver/Grey Tervurens

Fun Pictures and Thoughts

"Excellence begets Distinction..."

Over the years we have enjoyed having our dogs take their share of titles, not to mention many, many Best Puppy in Group, Group Placing and High in Trials as well. (All owner handled!)

The Belgians have a long history of working with man, from herding to messenger-medical supply dogs for the Red Cross during the wars, from first class trial dogs in any event, to being a well loved family companion.

Their willingness, desire to please, intelligence, intuitiveness and incredible elegance and beauty, make lifetime fans of those who make their acquaintance.

We are proud to say all of our own dog's success's are achieved with distinction as owner trained/handled only, never sent out with professionals to be shown/handled, which has proven time and time again their true excellent qualities of appearance, temperments and willingness to please, in our "SterlingDen" breeding.........

"SterlingDen" Belgians enjoying agility

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Quality APHA OVERO Paint horses, in rarer colours of champagne and grulla
Colourful Morgans in the rarer colours of silver dapple, grey, cremello, buckskin, palomino in both the tranditional Morgan horses AND including the ultra smooth riding GAITED Morgans