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===== Trent's Aquarium Webpage =====


=== Peacock Bass ===
=== South American Cichlids ===
=== South American Catfish ===
=== African & Asian Catfish ===
=== Freshwater Stingrays ===
=== Native Fish ===
=== Misc Amazon Fish ===
=== Pleco's ===
=== Freshwater Puffer Fish ===
=== My Aquarium ===

=== African Catfish ===
This section includes information about the Electric Catfish, Synodontis Catfish, and the Clarius Catfish

=== The Electric Catfish ===
This was Jimmy, my 9" Electric Catfish. The Electric Catfish is by far the most interesting fish I've kept ever. He had tons of character and was very responsive to people comming into the room and knew when you got close to the tank that it was feeding time. I housed Jimmy with several synodontis specie catfish, 3 Synodontis Multipunctatus and 2 Synodontis Flavitaeniatus. To my knowledge the Synodontis specie of catfish are the only fish that are immune to the Electric Catfish discharge.


=== Asian Catfish ===
This section includes information about the Bagarius Yarelli, Bagarius Bagarius, Paroon Shark, Iridescent Shark, and others.

=== Bagarius Yarelli and Bagarius Bagarius ===
Bagarius Bagarius


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