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=== Misc Amazon Fish ===
This is for all the misc Amazon fish that I like such as the Arapaima Gigas, Golden Dorado, and Flagtail Prochilodus (Fei Feng) to name a few.

=== Arapaima Gigas ===
The Arapaima Gigas is one of the worlds largest freshwater fish. They can reach sizes of 8ft+ in thw wild and over 400lbs! These guys grow between 2-3" a month when juveniles making them able to outgrow even the biggest of aquariums in a very short period of time and after about 2 years are already 4ft or more in length.


== Golden Dorado ===

The golden dorado has a reputation for being one of the toughest and meanest aquarium predatory fish out there. They can grow to close to 3ft in length and inhabitt the white water regions of the amazon river.


=== Flagtail Prochilodus (Fei Feng) ===

The Fei Feng is a algae eater primarily and is very passive with its tank mates except with other Fei Fengs where they will fight constantly usually until only one is left. They do however provide a problem to slower moving tnak mates that are much larger because they have been known to eat the slime coat off the fish which eventually leads to death of the larger fish.


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