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Exceptional Golden "Quality you can ride on"....

We have coloured Morgans of quality and class, for a variety of Disciplines, with natural talent and willing attitudes.
Any and all interests, whether for english or western performance, park, dressage, jumpers or reliable family rides, we produce individuals with their own certain innate talent and willing natures in our breeding program.
The added attraction of gorgeous “breathless” WOW appeal in looks and presence, is a “Scion” given.
Enjoying the Morgan versatility to the fullest has led us to a variety of quality bloodlines, world champion pedigrees, and we were one of the very first breeders to appreciate, promote and produce the rarer sought after colours of palomino, buckskin, and grulla, in Canada.

**Update...... Please view our new website

in the very near future for full details and updates, as we are again "fine tuning" our breeding program, and future involvement in the show ring.
As of the Fall 2004, after our Production Semi Dispersal Sale, we will be registering our horses with the "AnFarra" prefix, as we are starting a new era in our breeding program, still producing colour with our select mares and palomino stallion "Scion Soleil Roi" but.........will now also be showcasing our show horses, as a well kept secret we have had in our coloured stallion "Scion BoyKing Adonias" is his brillant natural park action.
To compliment his natural talent we have disperced some of our more "western" mares and kept and brought in some mares of more "show" appeal and park action.
Our indoor arena facility makes anytime a comfortable time to view our horses for sale, and our stallions for stud service. We offer excellent, responsiable mare care, and reasonable prices.

We encourage interest in our registered part bred Morgans, as we also have the "Curly Horse" breed, known for their hypo-allergenic quality for allergy suffers. We stand a gorgeous red dun Curly stallion for stud service, and have the occasional young Curlies available.

Angie Nadon, Thorsby Alberta,Canada 780 389 3331

Enjoy our pictures and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Transportation of our horses sold is easily arranged.

2004 Semi-Dispersal Sale Results and Present Sales List

Please note as of September 10, 2004 this site will not longer be updated,......please refer to our new website as mentioned above, "AnFarra Morgans"

Attributes of Scion Horses

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Our world class Belgian Shepherds, red &silver Tervurens, and black Groenendaels.
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