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About Nikki

Well, where to begin... My name is Nikki Moore, soon to be Nikki Earle. My full name is Nicola M. Moore, and the less said about what the M stands for the better! I intend to change my middle name to Jade; doesn't Nicola Jade Earle sound wonderful? Nikki J Earle.
Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself. Before I get onto my journey with God, it is important that you know about me. I am a highly individual woman; at the time of writing this I am 18. I adore rabbits, and I am of a passionate nature- I am passionate about my beliefs, my loves, my rabbits, my art. Talking of art as I am, it sould be said that I am a highly artistic character- I write and draw, paint and even do a little sewing; I hope, with much help, to make my own wedding dress! I also love to capture the natural beauty that God has created all around us; I have a rather wonderful camera to do this with.
My mother is a wonderful lady by the name of Julie- and she makes up for how little there is of her physically with her huge, wise and loving personality. Although as a child we argued plenty, I could not wish for a more loving mother- and she is dedicated enough to my wellbeing to see me from harm, but not so much that she stifles me with her love! For I could not bear that at all.
My stepfather took me in as his own daughter, and I'm sure he views me as such. As with my wonderful mother, he is not tall- in fact even without heels I stand about him!- but his personality is forceful and lively, and he is highly playful in his words. Our differences- and similarities!- in character mean that we most appreciate the other if we're not living in the same home.Otherwise, well... We're both stubborn, passionate, and we both hate being wrong... You can see what sort of arguments this would lead to!!