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You have entered Niņa's Lair. This site is all about..of course..ME (who else?!)..hehe.

Feel free to roam around and check out my profile, pics and other stuffs.

Be warned! Visitors are required to sign in my                             
OR'll be sorry..mwahahahaha!!!..hehe..just kidding!

Feel free to contact me if you have comments, suggestions,... gifts..donors..haha ^_^

Hey hey hey! I'm back on the track again! hehe. I was so busy lately that I havent updated this site for a while. Now peeps, to make it up to you, I added new pics! (not personal though..hehe) Anime & Tantra online pics..check it out ^_^. I haven't updated the blog but I promise to do it soon. :D

By the way, I already deleted the personal firewall log captured pic. It's no big deal anyway, I just upgraded my firewall & anti-spyware softwares. I just hope it won't happen again.

I'm not here to update anything on this site. It's just that a while ago, about 10:26:30am, my computer was attacked by SYN Flooding from IP address: It slowed down my internet connection. I thought the attacked was made by some hacker from a remote computer but when I checked it, I found out it was from angelfire's ftp..tsk I'm wondering, why would you hack your own customers??? Do you do this to all free account clients? What if one of us would want to upgrade our account, do you think we'll still pursue it? knowing our computers are not safe from hackers on your ftp site. By the way, I didnt make this up, my firewall program jotted down your IP address during the attack. I have a capture shot of my personal firewall's log as evidence. I'll post it here. As much as possible, I don't want to post this but I wanted to let you guys in angelfire management be alerted if ever you didn't know about this.

I missed a day..hehe. Since I'm quite busy in school and wushu, I'll be updating my site weekly instead of daily. I'd like to thank those people who visited my site especially those who sign in my guestbook.

There's an interesting and funny trivia at the blog section
New entry in "Blog" section. I was thinking of ways to develop this make it more interesting to visit. Just come back every now and then to check the updates.

Now I know! Background sound and java elastic trail is not supported by my Netscape browser, so I used IE to view my site..hehe. ^_^;;
As usual, there is a new entry in the blog section, check it out. Hmm..what else..oh yeah! I've added a hit counter, so that I'll know how many people viewed my site.

New Entry to "BLOG" section. There's still much to do to this site..whew! I'm planning to transfer this site to a better webhost..hey! no harm meant to angelfire, it's just that the background sound and java elastic trail don't work and the ads sometimes covering my logo. But jeez! where are the good free webhosts when you needed Some doesn't have free ftp, you have to transfer your files ONE by ONE o.O..helllooo!!!..when will I finish transfering the files??? next year???!!!..whew!! Anyway, I'll stick to angelfire for now..hehe..Hey peeps! don't forget to sign in my GUESTBOOK..just click the hyperlink on the guestbook section..(another thing that angelfire don't have...a free guestbook..hehe) ^_^

Hear ye! Hear ye! My personal site has been born! Yehey! So guys and gals, check out all stuff here :)

Here's a quick overview of the site:
  • Profile area is where you can see personal informations like hobbies, interests..
  • Pictures area is..(self-explanatory) By the way, I have a new pic at the cell pics section.taken last 11/15/05
  • Blog area is where I place diff stuffs like jokes, trivia.. (This page is always updated)
  • Favorite links is..(self-explanatory)
  • Guestbook is where you guys have to
  • Download area is (coming soon)
Thanks for visiting my site!
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