For graduation, my friend Lane and his family (my best friend Lance, my girls' mom, Lance and Lane's mom and dad) made my dream come true :-) Ever since I had to leave Big Bird (see his page too!)I have wanted a birdy. I fell in love with sun conures (Big Bird had had a brother, Goose-Goose, who was a sun) and was DETERMINED to get one lol (I would have been determined to get an eclectus but the sun was much closer to my price range - I still want an eclectus one day! and an umbrella cockatoo and a red winged macaw and an african grey ... lol). On May 12, 2002 I got my first fid :-) I named her Soleil (French for "sun" ... I think it's very pretty ... so-LAY with a barely audible "yuh" on the end) ... she is SO pretty !!

Hatch date:
January 4, 2002
Nickname: Leia or laya-bug
Talking?: "Pretty Birdy" "Bye-bye"
Tricks?: She's got "step-up" and the ladder trick down pat, we're working on "wave" ... and she can "gimme kissey" (she loves that one) ... It's not really a trick, but she's potty trained! You can put her on her "potty perch" (just a little perch with a suction cup on one end over the trash can) and say "Go potty" and she goes :-)
Favorite treats: baby carrots and pumpkin seeds, sweet potato baby food
Favorite toy: her "bird buddy" ... a little piece of fuzzy stuff that she snuggles up with at night ...and she loves her wooden spoon lol ... she's also fond of anything with strings or ropes
Favorite TV show: She will sit on the top of her cage and eat while she watches Allegra's Window and Franklin - she squawks at Maisy though lol

NEW Pictures of Soleil:

See how many yellow feathers she has now? She's growing up!

Soleil driving Kelly's Christmas present

Older pictures of Soleil:

Soleil and her snuggly bird buddy

"Mommy! Look at that other pretty bird!!"

She likes to play with the "birdy in the mirror"

Gimme Kissy!!

Yummy stick...

What a sweet birdy

I love my mommy :-)

Leia with our dog Muffin who died recently. She LOVED Soleil. (More pictures of Muffin with Soleil)

I'm gonna get that walnut out of there ... I will!


Upside-down birdy!!

Click here to see more pics of Soleil with her gan-mommy and gan-daddy


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