My Many Pets
I love animals and have a few pets - Soleil is a 3 1/2 year old Sun Conure, Buffy and Faith are 3 year old mutts, Precious and Tender are 9 year old beagle mixes, and Snickers and Hershey are 2 year old guinea pigs. I also have a year old beta fish, Elmo fishy but he doesn't have a webpage. Click on the pictures to see each animal's page.

This was my brother, Mowzer. He died in August of 2003 and I miss him. Go see his page, I left it up as a memorial to him.

Big Bird isn't my pet anymore but I LOVE him and I miss him ... you can go to his page to see more pics of him

This is Muffin, she was my sissy. She died from cancer in September of 2002, she was 12 years old. Go see her page, too.


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